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    Re: How best to search this forum?

    The best way to search (only) is to go to the homepage and use the Google search box.

    Results can be retrieved for 2 and 3 character searches such as...
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    Re: Extractor-less honey by Flow Hive

    I'm looking forward to this time next year when the Flow Hive owners post videos...

    It should be interesting.
  3. Re: When do you guys feel comfortable not to wear protection?

    I don't open a hive without my jacket on.

    I wear nitrile gloves 99% of the time. Bees can sting through them but the instinct to flinch away from the pain fades in time...
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    Re: Advice on nuc with queen cups....

  5. Re: Only 3 queen cups-go ahead and split up hive?

    It's a very addictive hobby. Having nuc equipment adds to the fun. After that, having a "Queen Castle" is handy.

    I really enjoy seeing a lot of boxes with bees flying...

    I too would move...
  6. Re: Only 3 queen cups-go ahead and split up hive?

    Reread the first post. She wants to start some nucs...
  7. Re: Any tips for trimming comb from q-cells

    If I could find it, I have a battery powered hot wire cutter (for Styrofoam) that might be useful. If I could find it....
  8. Any tips for trimming comb from q-cells

    I have some comb built up on several queen cells and I would like to get a little insight on how trim it off without harming the cells.
  9. Re: Two emerged early on me and the rest o.k.

    Which calendar?
  10. Re: Is it possible to make a split without pollen?

    This isn't true. There are periods when the bees are not gathering pollen (besides winter).

    But, as your eleven thousand posts have proven, you are free to say absolutely anything...

  11. Re: Is it possible to make a split without pollen?

    Bees, in order to raise a queen, require protein.
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    Re: My kids helping with bees......

    You're very lucky!

    Thanks for sharing....
  13. Re: Is it possible to make a split without pollen?

    It doesn't seem that you know what is required for the bees to produce royal jelly...
  14. Thread: Humble Pie

    by BeeCurious

    Re: Humble Pie

    I only use the long sleeved calf skin gloves on the rare occasion when dealing with hot bees.

    Otherwise I use only Costco's nitrile gloves.

    When doing a sticky, messy task, slip on multiple...
  15. Re: When is it to late Northern bee question

    With the frame per week technique you allow the colony to raise their own queen. It's risky to introduce a new queen...
  16. Re: When is it to late Northern bee question

    I think you will be fine. If you suspect a laying worker give the colony a frame of young larvae / eggs each week for three weeks. This technique works.

    Is the population fairly strong or has it...
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    Re: Grafting without buying anything?

    My first frustrations were more from an inability to see the larvae more clearly. I eventually saw that a little twist of the Chinese grafting tool did help the tongue to turn / curl at the bottom...
  18. Re: Noticed a gap in between top feeder and broodbox.

    I have used white electrical tape or white duct tape. Otherwise whatever tape I have handy to cover a gap.
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    Re: Pollen Patty vs. Small Hive Beetle

    Three or four years ago a beek friend and I used to joke about SHB's. We now make sure that we have beetle traps on hand...
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    Re: Quick question about follower boards


    I have been overwintering double 5-frame nucs in South East Connecticut for several years. I do add "insurance feed" on top of the second box in January. If you have 10 frame boxes a...
  21. Re: First grafting attempt... Beginner's Luck!

    Well, as a queen rearing newbie might be expected to do, I took a second look at the cells. I have 25 capped queen cells out of 29 grafts. One q-cell is especially small, a few are pretty big, and...
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    Re: introducing russian queens

    The post you replied to is eleven years old... And the poster hasn't visited since 2009.
  23. Re: Please, could you help me "read" my one month old hive for the first time?

  24. Re: I might try "MagEyes" magnifiers for grafting.

    If I was 30 years younger some readers or simple magnifiers would certainly be just fine...
  25. Re: Please, could you help me "read" my one month old hive for the first time?

    So, has the Acebird analysis of the non-brood frames lead to the conclusion that the hive has not already swarmed ( and it's in good shape)? Or that the hive is "in good shape" for the shape that...
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