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    Re: Uncapped Honey

    Test it's moisture content with refractometer. It can definitely be used for mead making, you just want to make sure you have a specific gravity of at least 1.07 to make anything decent for drinking.
  2. Re: my strongest beehive swarmed, 30 days before the nectar flow ends. reunite ?

    Find two good cells preferably on the same frame or close to one another. Otherwise they will probably swarm once again.
  3. Re: Screen hive bottom. What am I seeing? Is it OK?

    Molding pollen
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    Re: New Beekeeper Cut Out

    I brought way too much to my first few cutouts--- I would suggest doing what Mr. Beeman suggest... over prepare, once you get a few under your belt you'll develop your own style and what you need.
  5. Re: help!! Can someone tell me whats happening.

    The bees will not leave a mated queen... unless they already have one with them. They should return if the only queen is still in the cage. Like above, Screen them in.
  6. Re: Will queen lay on other side of a bar or two of honey?

    Feral bees that work down back fill the previous brood comb with honey. The brood ends up lower and the honey up top. Their nature is to put honey above and to the side of the brood.

    From my...
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    Re: How fragile are queen cells?

    A chewed up or ravaged queen cell usually means it was torn down from workers or the queen herself. A virgin queen is usually hard to detect, but she still has her signature queen wobble. If you have...
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    Re: Package install problems

    Get them in the hive and make sure they have plenty of ventilation. If you want to make sure they don't leave you can give them a sacrificial frame of eggs/larvae from another one of your packages....
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    Post Swarm Manipulations

    If the brood chamber is heavily back filled with nectar--- then the question is should frames be moved in and out after a swarm to give more space for the new queen?
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    Re: How fragile are queen cells?

    Depends on what wax it was made from. If it's pulled on a frame with relatively light comb that is obviously virgin wax it will squish if you look at it awkward; however if it is made from a...
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    SlumGum… Use it and How?

    I've been melting down some old brood comb for cycling in new comb and new I'd save some of the slumgum for baiting swarm traps. I've heard it works well. I have it in an old cardboard milk carton...
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    Re: Best Price/Quality for Frames?

    Mann Lake-- They aren't assembled and of course do not have foundation--- but It doesn't take long to build all 100 frames-- build while playing a movie on Netflix. and I and foundationless anyway.
  13. Re: cutouts- free, or who pays to repair

    I do free removals when they are down the street and 20 minutes or less. If I have to drive more than 20 minutes a minimum of $100. Let people know up front that it is not free.

    I did removals...
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    Re: Best Price/Quality for Frames?

    I have been ordering in packs of 100 the wedge top grooved bottom for $ 92 I think which is .92 a frame. If you find a better deal than that please let me know I need to order ASAP as well.
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    Re: Issue with a caught swarm

    When in doubt, offer a frame of brood, eggs, and larvae if you have the resources.
  16. Re: Swarm Timing Puzzle for the Pros

    Probably the same conditions were in place that made them make swarm cells in the first place, i.e. nectar and pollen in the brood chamber.

    Swarm management requires you to move the queen in to a...
  17. Re: Requeen or wait on defensive hive?

    It really depends on how many hives you have. My original hives were started as nucs that were semi-docile/semi-aggressive, and now they are all out vicious. I use my ventilated jacket when working...
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    Re: ONE really angry bee

    I have noticed bees that become more aggressive of their hive once they take ownership. I hived a swarm that was extremely gentle and within 20 minutes I was 20 ft away and attacked without...
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    Re: Hives in the shade or full sun

    Folks always say sun… and I always lean toward that direction as well. But to tell you the truth… almost every bee removal I do have hives in a spot with limited sunlight.
  20. Re: Bee photo wanted for business card, earn a hundred bucks

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    Re: Queen down...what to do now?

    Matter of choice- give frame of three day old brood or eggs if you want them to raise their own queen.
    Combine with another hive to save the remaining bees.
    Or order another package to save time...
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    Re: trapout suggestions needed

    Not sure the make up of a crane, but I would guess there is many possible openings that would take many trips and tireless efforts to rid the bees. I would concentrate on closing most the exists and...
  23. Re: Question about swarm trap and drones

    Yes drones definitely go with swarms.

    I have a swarm that I caught back in March that still has drones.

    I usually clean include/exclude the front of caught swarms or removals, which always...
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    Re: NewBee from Texas

    Welcome Britney! If you have any specific questions... ask away.
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    Re: Quick 'n easy quiet box lid

    I wish there were more Billy Davis videos on youtube. I like his style and the ideas presented.
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