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    Re: Combine by shaking out the bees

    I typically have to do something 3 times before I'm convinced - and then I become pretty adamant in my beliefs. Now I put a LW hive in the back of the truck and shake portions out into a few other...
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    Re: Combine by shaking out the bees

    Different dynamics = Foragers are like cute girls showing up to a house party carrying a six-pack of craft beer in each hand = for the most part, they just walk right in. This weekend we had to move...
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    Re: Combine by shaking out the bees

    I've had laying workers kill the queen in the nuc they joined. Funny thing is people will debate it but, but friend with 1,000+ hives says, "Oh yeah they will...". I hate laying workers.
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    Re: another feeding question

    At least for me that 50 degree limit is at night. If it's 40 at night and 60 in the day, a feed bottle sitting under a cover is going to sit at around 50 and be too cold to take. I may cheat a...
  5. Re: Can bees truly survive with zero interventions?

    Can they survive without our assistance? In general yes = bees can survive without our assistance. Can YOUR bees survive in YOUR box without assistance [indefinitely]? No.

    I run BeeWeaver,...
  6. Re: Can bees truly survive with zero interventions?

    I doubt they have much black bee genetics in those feral bees, Alamo Area Beekeepers is pretty active in that area and buy enough bees from BeeWeaver that they deliver by truck in the spring.

  7. Re: S. Texas - new beekeeper how much stores

    A little further north I do fine with 3 or 4 mediums - but it just depends on the hive and the spring. I like to have a medium of honey on top and most (not all) will get brood down to 2 mediums. ...
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    Re: Crush and strain & a heat lamp

    It's a fruit press.

    We use a paint strainer. Fastest way I've found to do crush and strain is to wad the comb into small tight balls in my hand and let those clumps drain, the next day we rinse...
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    Re: Frames of honey, For Sale?

    Are you now offering to buy capped frames of honey at $30-$60 per frame instead of $8?
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    Re: Who tightens the straps?

    Loss = the going price for 408 doubles this time of year. Everything else is speculative.
  11. Re: Caution to those that do bee rescues= FREE ADVICE

    We do these "Owl Boxes" fairly routinely, have found the best method is to wrap them in a sheet and remove them at dusk, a healthy Owl box will be bearding with bees in the evening. I'd recommend...
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    Re: Frames of honey, For Sale?

    The medium frame yields over 3 lbs of honey which I retail for $10/lb (once I'm extracting it's easier to do them all rather than maintain some SHB free) = $30
    The frame was $1, the foundation $1...
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    Re: Finding new apiary sites

    Our local clubs are often contacted by landowners offering space for bees, I've connected with some very good out yards doing removals for homeowners. Craigslist is also a good resource.

    Even if...
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    Re: Needless killing of bees?


    And to the O.P.: The problem is many of those beginners ascribe to that "killing puppies" analogy and actually think they are doing hives a favor by not inspecting. They need to see...
  15. Re: North-Central Texas TBH - Too Late To Split?

    I'm prone to think you've got a supercedure underway, I'd be inclined to knock them down to 3 Q cells and let them do their own thing.

    You apparently missed eggs that were there on the earlier...
  16. Re: Migratory cover for winter - is it enough?

    You have something that the typical folks who use migratory covers year round don't = Winter.
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    Re: Bulk used sugar

    "Bulk" would imply a pallet or around 2,000 lbs. I suspect what you are looking for is "floor sweepings" but again probably in a super sack and you'll need a fork lift to unload.

    100 lbs is half...
  18. Re: Anyone have hives in a residential neighborhood?

    I found their flight path quite predictable - about a 45 degree incline to get over the privacy fence and continue up over the oak trees. No real dearth in that neighborhood as it's trendy...
  19. Re: Carniolans - suitable starter bee for a new beek?

    If they are dark, call them Carniolan, bright yellow is Italian, and in between Survivor.

    Lets be honest, in North America what you are really getting are mutts. Sure there are some using II with...
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    Re: I assume she knows what she's doing


    The most relevant point about these being bees from a removal is that you do not know the age of the queen. While many queens will shut down brood rearing in the heat or a dearth or due to...
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    Re: Nuc Prices?

    No real standard... Working with mediums, it's my opinion 4 or 5 frames is too small. I've sold them as 6 and 8 frames. Working in 8 frame boxes, 6 drawn frames and 2 empties fills the box.

  22. Re: What to do with this cross combed colony

    Agreed. Occasionally I'm compelled to clean up the comb in a hive this time of year and I kick myself for it. It's much easier to let them move out of it and remove/fix when they are in comb drawing...
  23. Re: Poaching swarms by traping/ beek respectiful

    It's pretty clear in Texas (known for hanging cattle rustlers) that a swarm "belongs" to the landowner where they are sitting. We don't brand bees (just boxes). As long as you have permission from...
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    Re: Need your opinions on bee decline.

    You mistakenly assume that the USDA loss equates to a decline in hive count. If I had 100 hives, 50 died over the winter and I split the remaining 50 to get back to 100, this is considered a 50%...
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    Re: Do you finish your cedar hives?

    Some I do, some I don't. It'll grey out like a fence pretty fast, and if it's prone to cupping will do so. I've used Deck sealer and paint. I've seen a lot of hives with spar urethane - it peels...
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