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    Really irritated

    So two years ago I moved my hives from my old house next to a highway to a new place in the suburbs. Since then, nothing has gone right. This year, I bought two new packages. One didn't accept the...
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    Re: Hornet Predation on Honey Bees

    I killed one today that was preying on my ladies as I was getting ready to feed them. I didn't realize they would be such a problem! I don't know if it's a bald faced hornet, cicada killer or what.
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    Re: Hello from Ky.! in Delaware it's pretty simple. Our Department of Agriculture manages hives here, and they have a form that you fill out and send back. Even more interesting is the fact that they add a...
  4. Argh...2 Hives, New Beek needs some extracting help

    So. Ask a question, get 1000 different answers.

    2 weeks ago, I took 4 medium frames, scratched the caps off and got beautiful black locust honey. Pale, PALE gold. Yum!

    This past weekend, took...
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    Re: Interesting read on BBC

    Goodness. I feel a bit wussy now suiting up to go and inspect my ladies...
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    Re: What do you think of ants?

    I had carpenter ants in my one hive that didn't survive the winter. I knocked most of them out, and the new swarm I housed there took care of the rest.
  7. Re: What are some stupid things people say about bees, or questions they ask?

    When some of the folks at work learned I was beginning to keep bees, I was bombarded over one lunch hour with questions. Only one made me want to laugh out loud. It was one of the younger workers...
  8. Re: New Beekeeper from Northern New Jersey Bear Country

    I'm ready for the rain to stop too...Good luck with everything!
  9. Re: Please Help Save our Bees,We Beeks Need to Educate Public Better!?

    I have one neighbor who hates to weed, cut the grass or do any yardwork in general. My bees love their yard. I let the weeds grow in the back and cut periodically, but I have to cut out front more...
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    Re: New member from Richmond, VA

    That sounds cool! I'm still working on knowing what I'm seeing. Haven't gotten around to splits or anything like that. Not brave enough yet!
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    Re: honey filters

    Well...I'm a newbie so I may not be able to offer much...especially since I don't own an extractor (thank God for gravity). But I filter through cheesecloth first and then I bought some paint...
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    Wilmington, DE

    Wednesday, May 11 my neighbors said they noticed a swarm. I was out of town and they said it moved from one tree of theirs to a second tree on Thursday. Friday, we got home and my...
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    We're in...Delaware???

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Carolyn and I'm starting my first "real" year as a keeper. I bought two nucs last spring and watched them through the summer. One hive didn't make it through the winter,...
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