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  1. Re: Time interval for re-queening a queenless hive before it goes laying-worker?

    In my experience, it is sometime after around 2-3 weeks with no queen and no open larvae. Of course, this can be extended quite a bit if you supply the queenless hive with eggs and young larvae. ...
  2. Re: Installed bees in hive. When will they start bringing in pollen?

    Yes, I would say that it's pretty normal for it to take a while before a new package starts bringing in lots of pollen. I would be feeding that new install since they have no stores and very few...
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    Re: Split a hive and trying to cover my bases

    I don't know of any way to tell how old an egg is. A 1 minute old and 3 day old egg look pretty much the same to me. They should build queen cells if they have eggs and larvae. I've had splits take...
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    Re: Laying workers or queen larvae?

    It looks like queen eggs from what I can see in the photo, but it also looks like there are cells with multiple eggs. I've seen this with newly minted queens and sometimes they get better over time,...
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    Re: Brand Newbee - Day 3 - Two Questions.

    Just be patient, the bees will figure out what to do. Keep feeding them. It will take a few days for them to do their orientation flights and start going out to get nectar. The packages are mostly...
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    Re: Can I harvest honey this spring?

    Sure. Once the honey frames are capped, go ahead and harvest. You might want to check with some local beekeepers to find out how much honey they leave on for winter in your location. When you do...
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    Re: can someone explain to me this hive

    You wouldn't want to stack them that high in my windy location. I would think that the max size of a hive (1 queen) would be determined by how many eggs per day the queen can lay. If a worker lives...
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    Re: drones in surplus!


    I live pretty close to you - only about an hour away. I've got drones out the wazoo in some of my hives. It's just that time of year. It's a good thing to see if you're trying to get...
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    Re: Hello from Hartland, Michigan

    Welcome to beesource. There is a lot of great info here and helpful people.
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    Re: Getting Bees to Fly

    I suppose that could be it. However, I have the hive set up for a couple months in the summer, and they never really took to flying much. Eventually, they ran out of resources and the hive crashed....
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    Getting Bees to Fly

    I set up an 4 deep frame observation hive in my living room, which was a lot of fun. I connected it to the outdoors via a 1.5" diameter corrugated tube that ran horizontally. When I connected the...
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    Re: High wire cutout

    That's great. I guess that means you didn't get the queen when you did the cutout.
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    Re: Maintaining Genetic Diversity

    I've wondered about that as well. I've always tried to keep a couple queens from different lines around my yard - even though I've been using the same breeder queen for grafting for a while. I...
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    Re: High wire cutout

    Very nice. Thanks for all the pics. I learned a lot. That looks like a shop vac. Did you just remove the filter?
  15. Re: Puzzled. Bees and Nectar, but No Honey. Sacramento, CA

    I had the same experience last year in September - October here in Southern CA. In a very dry year last year, they made a fair amount of honey in the fall. I got lots of honey this year in...
  16. Re: Puzzled. Bees and Nectar, but No Honey. Sacramento, CA

    If you're in an irrigated city the the drought shouldn't matter to much. Is this a new hive? Are they building comb? If they're busy making wax the then they won't make much honey until the wax is...
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    Re: Either my Bee Math sucks.. OR

    That is strange. Were there any queen cells in the other side of your split? Did you remove the second queen cell? If not, that virgin might kill off your mated queen. It's possible that you didn't...
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    Re: Best way to release queen to new nuc

    I like the push in cages because it allows the queen to move around and get started laying right away. I think it's better in general to minimize the amount of time that a mated queen cannot lay eggs.
  19. Re: How long after requeening do extremely aggressive behaviors go away?

    I requeened a really hot hive last year and it seemed like 6 weeks later I still had quite a few hot bees flying around and bothering me. If you have new eggs the day you kill the old queen, and...
  20. Re: Emergency queen cells and supercedure cells help!!

    My guess is that you rolled the queen the last you checked when you saw eggs. It happens.
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    Re: Novice Beekeeper here

    Good luck and have fun.
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    Re: Would you ask for compensation?

    Next time I would bring a contract get is signed. It would spell out the terms (i.e. your price and whether or not you will restore the structure) and have verbiage to release you from liability for...
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    Re: Newbie and excited to Bee here....

    Welcome. I'm sure that you will have a lot of fun and learn a lot.
  24. Re: Process for Separating honey from wax in Crush-n-Strain method

    I just extracted several foundationless frames last night in my hand-powered 2 frame extractor. I did have a 4 x 4 inch section that blew out on one frame, but the rest extracted without a problem.
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    Re: replacing the vicious queen

    I would suggest introducing the queen to a few frames of bees in a nuc or in a separate box. Using the candy method should work fine in that small hive. After a few days when she is released and...
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