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  1. Re: Ask This Old House now instructs beekeepers?

    Don't get too upset!!!!

    Even though this is PBS and supposed to be educational, rarely can a show, even one as good as This Old House, put together a truly educational segment in one hour. Keep...
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    Re: Empty Gallon Lined Paint Cans

    You caught my interest!!!

    What do you use them for, feeding? Do they have other uses too?
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    YS Organic Honey? Is it a scam?

    Yes, I am still new to beekeeping after a 30 year hiatus of keeping two hives while in high school in the late 70's. I currently have two double deeps and four 5 over 5 nucs (all swarm and cutout...
  4. Re: Bio Control of Varroa by saturating female sex pheromone

    Very interesting concept.

    This process has been used successfully in the Eastern US and Canada for Gypsy Moth control. However, gypsy moths have one breeding window per year and varroa breed...
  5. Re: Going to plead my case at the NPMA in Orlando


    Thanks!!!! I might get to see you there and will definitely attend your presentation if I am able to come.
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    Re: Non Bee Keeper Question

    If you can locate the nest and it is in the ground, just put a powder insecticide like sevin in it. May have to treat more than once but it will do the job. I have taken care of three nests around...
  7. Re: Have skunks- can't use imidacloprid a neonicotinoid

    Jackam is right.

    I too do Nuisance Wildlife Control for a living.

    MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR STATE LAWS. If you are using products as animal repellents (or to kill them), that are not...
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    Re: Late trap out Q's

    Thank you for your replies and advice.

    The homeowner says the hive has been there for 3-4 years, so I think this might be stock worth saving.

    We discussed the situation and I offered them a...
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    Late trap out Q's

    I am looking at a tree hive trap out this afternoon. The homeowner wants them gone or I would wait til spring and try a couple "Hogan" removals to boost my hive count.

    I currently have four nucs,...
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    Re: How to? Swarm just went in

    Thanks for all the advice!!!!

    I have to admit, I kept bees in high school about 30 years ago (2 hives), but do not have any hives currently. I have been a "bee catcher" the last several years...
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    How to? Swarm just went in

    I got a call about a swarm and was about 12 minutes away. When I got there the swarm had entered the home. Should I try to cut them out quick, or wait for them to settle in a bit?

    The house had...
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    Another new Buckeye newbie

    I am a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator and have captured about 30 swarms in the past three years and have been "donating" them to a few beekeepers in my local area.

    I kept bees for about two...
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