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    Agree: moderate suction is the key

    I had a situation this summer that required a bee vac with almost no notice. So I knocked together a little wooden frame (about the size of a package of bees) from brads and scrap wood. Then I...
  2. Re: A way to estimate the age of capped queen cell?

    Thanks, good to know that. Saw no fuzz, just dark brown wax with lots of little dimples. Kind of reminded me of a (mini) morel mushroom, if you know what that looks like.
  3. A way to estimate the age of capped queen cell?

    This is a long story, so I will try to keep it brief. I have a very small nuc that I had hoped would raise a queen from a couple frames with very young eggs. I added two frames w/ eggs a week ago,...
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    Re: The Bears and the bees

    A good ground is very important for maximum effect, including a long ground rod(s). But I also love to cheat. I lay a piece of chicken wire fence flat on the ground, directly underneath the "hot"...
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    Re: Screened Bottom Board Question?

    Last year, for the first time, I decided to leave the SBB on all three of my hives for the whole winter. It was not an especially mild winter, but all three hives survived. This was the first time...
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    Re: Thwarted bear

    I'm surprised the bull didn't turn into electric barbecue. When I was a teenager, a friend of mine had a neon light transformer. Our parents never knew it, but we played with it off and on in his...
  7. Thread: Problem Bear

    by pchelovod

    Re: Problem Bear

    A good ground is key with an electric fence. Having a piece of metal at each end of the bear is my goal.

    An electrical schematic would show current flowing from the fence, to the piece of bacon...
  8. Re: To drill or not to drill that is the question.

    On most of my hives now I've notched the front of the inner cover on the bottom. Maybe the width of four or five saw kerfs is all, wide enough to fit a bee or two. This isn't a big entrance, and...
  9. Getting a swarm: out of a rain gutter, into my nuc

    (Alternative title: "Getting My Mind Out of the Gutter")

    I got a call about a swarm that has chosen to take up residence in the end of a covered rain gutter over the third floor of a very tall...
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    Both originally from Russia, but areas very far apart

    Caucasian bees have been around in the US for a very long time-- not sure of the details, but their origins are supposedly in the Caucuses mountains, which are down near Georgia and Armenia, between...
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    Some shots from this weekend

    Pics from a strong hive. The pics are a little too big, so be sure to scroll to see the whole shot. I kept them large to increase detail.
  12. A bit south of you, in Western MA

    Have been wondering the same thing about a hive of NWC's that I thought was on its last legs when we went into winter. Where I am the crocuses are done, and daffodils are out, but not much else...
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    Another happy voice in the chorus

    Got my jacket a couple of weeks ago. I am about 5' 10" and 200 lbs, usually wear a
    size "Large" jacket, and that's what I ordered. It fits me perfectly, plenty of room to bend etc. But I don't...
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    Best option for starting a TBH

    It's looking like my best winter since I started keeping bees five years ago. Three out of three hives showing good activity, a lot of cleansing flights, during warmer days, and one hive (Russians)...
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    One possibility of the "fun" part

    Over ten years ago, I had set of pull-down attic stairs in a townhouse in Arlington, Virginia. One of the parts had broken from years of use (metal fatigue) so I looked up a welder in the phone...
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    I wouldn't nail it

    for exactly that reason-- too hard to rotate supers or equalize hives, etc when necessary. A healthy hive will do a darned good job of sticking the super to the bottom board with propolis, anyway.
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    Dumb question

    Hi, Bill,
    Excuse me if you've answered this somewhere else, but is there a hood included with the jacket? If so, it sounds like just what I'm looking for.
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    Finally got my suit

    Ordered Dec 21, 2006
    Arrived May 12, 2007.

    I was surprised by how heavy the suit feels in my hand-- it is solid. .
    And like many others here, when I first put it on, I got stuck with a pin left...
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    No suit delivered yet, going on FOUR months!

    I ordered and paid for a man's Golden Bee suit in late December 21, 2006. I was told that I'd have it probably in two weeks, but surely in a month. I called them in February-- a story about a...
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    Chickens as IPM ?

    I can't recall where I saw it, but about a year or two ago, I read someone's post relating how they were deliberately siting their hives next to their chickens as a way to control a serious...
  21. Hi, Evan, My $.02: Providing drawn comb for...

    Hi, Evan,

    My $.02: Providing drawn comb for the new package is one of the best ways I know of to boost a new package. It saves them a lot of work: "Eight lbs of honey to make one lb. of wax."...
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