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  1. Re: The magical swarm trap! - and SWARM COMMANDER!

    He was so excited to put the box back out I had to go over there last night and put my name in the box. That is a great idea, I hope it goes on for a while with a few different people.
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    Re: My son gave me this last night.

    Thanks for all of the encouragement! I knew that I would get a lot out of beekeeping but I never imagined that it would help my kids and our relationships. I didn't know whether to share this or...
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    Re: Why do people have top bar hives?

    Michael, I wish I had that problem! It seems like as soon as it gets complicated and EXPENSIVE it draws me in like a moth to a flame!:scratch:
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    Re: Plastic inner lid - bad idea?

    Now your just getting fancy!;)
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    My son gave me this last night.

    Well, about 5 years ago my wife and I adopted an infant. Then 6 months later we got a call about her older brother and sister 3 & 4 years old. The last 5 years has been.....well, challenging. It is...
  6. Re: The magical swarm trap! - and SWARM COMMANDER!

    That is a great idea...I'll have to pass that on!
  7. Re: How long do most neew beekeepers keep at it?

    I have NO desire to make beekeeping a business...but I enjoy it never the less.
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    June 30th
    85~ degrees
    Hopkins, MI
    Swarm of unknown origin.
  9. The magical swarm trap! - and Swarm Commander!

    This is kind of a tribute to one of my best friends, Juaquin Sanchez. Last year on 4th of July he gave me an old 10 frame box (I had to hold together with duct tape) and some frames of old comb. He...
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    Re: Game of Drones

    NICELY DONE! "Game of Drones" :lpf: That was obviously the "drone congregation area". :thumbsup:
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    Re: Long distance apiary

    Thanks for all of the replies, the information is extremely helpful! At this location I'm only going to put established hives (started at my place) and I can make a drive by at least every 2 weeks...
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    Re: Political signs...

    Apparently no one wants to incriminate themselfs :no:
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    Re: Long distance apiary


    Thanks for the reply! So do you just put a few empty supers on and not worry about it? I was not sure how many supers to put on or if it would bother them to have to much room.
  14. Re: How long do most neew beekeepers keep at it?

    I think if I lose all of my hives in the winter I won't buy any more bees. I planned for this spring and bought 5 nucs, they will be the last ones I ever buy (at least that is what I tell myself). ...
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    Long distance apiary

    For those of you with hives in locations that are not within a few minutes drive, or you can only get to say once a month or so, how do you manage the hives? I know this is a broad question but...
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    Re: screened or solid base

    I bought SBB for my first few hives but now that I'm building them I'm just putting together solid bottom boards, much easier to build.
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    Re: carrying capacity

    This should read "managed for honey". Not everyone is interested in honey, I don't know what the stats are but I know that to some people that sell bees honey is.....well an after thought.
  18. Re: Best smoker fuel I have ever found, what do you use?

    I'm not sure I would get any beekeeping done if I did.:lpf:
  19. Re: Best smoker fuel I have ever found, what do you use?

    Harley, this stuff is amazing! I lit my smoker last night with the pellets and set it by my grill while I was cooking. Puffed it every so often. About an hour after I lit it I picked it up to go...
  20. Re: These are yellow jackets right? Pictures.

    PLEASE don't pour gas in the hole and light it! Or at least be very, very careful it you do ;)
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    Re: OTS Question

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    Re: Crazy or Cool beek?

    Hell, if he is not clean or keep clean quarters leave him bee......but I'm pretty sure that was a joke about social services correct?

    And I would definitely like to see it!:thumbsup:
  23. Re: Holy crap I am sold on the Sustainable Apiary model!

    If you set up a nuc from a full size colony, give the NUC the queen. Then let the stronger colony that you left in place raise a queen. The full size colony has many more resources to reproduce,...
  24. Re: How important is it to find the queen?

    It is super important for me right now to have marked queens. I will go through the hive until I find her and mark her, then I don't need to look again until it is time to split. I have one hive I...
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    Re: Installed Nucs Starting Slowly?

    There are other reasons to use plastic also. I switched from foundationless to plastic foundation this spring becaue I wanted to raise queens using the OTS system. The guy that promotes it told me...
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