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    Re: OAV treating a newly hived swarm

    I've been using OAV for several years now with good results. If you use it on a swarm with no brood it should be quite effective at killing the phoretic mites ( mites on adult bees). Here's my...
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    Re: Asian Hornet

    You should pray they are not in the U.S.A. They are very aggressive and can decimate a strong hive in two or three hours. I'm an American living in Japan and have had to deal with them every fall for...
  3. Re: I think my bees might be foundation challenged. . . pics included

    I think this is a heat issue. What kind of weather are you having? The only place where the bees have drawn comb is in the center where the warmth of the cluster is.
  4. Re: What is your favorite hive configuration?

    I am going to all eight frame deeps. I think this is the best set up for the brood nest as well as honey production. Eight frame deep boxes also make good queen castles. The box can be divided so you...
  5. Re: Caught a swarm barehanded in the air!

    Great job! I have two dead virgin queens I kept. If I put them in alcohol will it work like yours?
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    Re: Rough Day in the Beeyard

    I am also a novice beekeeper but I'm getting a lot of experience this Spring for sure. I did a Cut down split with my strongest hive because I wanted to produce a lot of honey and get a new queen. I...
  7. Did I catch two swarms or one big one?

    This morning just as I was pulling out with the family to go to church my son said, Hey daddy look at all of those bees. I looked over my shoulder to see a medium size swarm hanging from my...
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    Re: No more hives! - I want honey!

    I first learned of the cut down split here on Beesource from Michael Bush. Then I did a search on the net and found this link from
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    Re: No more hives! - I want honey!

    By the way, I really like your hive arrangement and your hive stand. Nice.
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    Re: No more hives! - I want honey!

    I just did my first " cut down split". This is a procedure I read about to produce a lot of honey for a specific time. A cut down split is done by moving a prolific queen from a strong hive you think...
  11. Re: Is it too early for a cut down split?

    I made the split about 2 hours ago. I moved the queen most of the pollen and honey and also most of the open brood to a new hive in the same yard. In the parent hive, I left one frame of eggs , a...
  12. Re: Is it too early for a cut down split?

    I almost did the split today. I stopped my self because we had some cloudy weather roll in. I'm going to make this spilt tomorrow morning!
  13. Is it too early for a cut down split?

    I have a booming 3 deep hive going and the cherry blossom trees are now in the process of blooming. Cherry blossom honey is very rare here and will fetch a high price. I'm really trying to get the...
  14. Re: Should they stay or should they go ?

    My sensei is a very nice older gentleman . He has over 40 hives and produces over 1000 kilos of honey every year. I'm very blessed to have him help me here.
  15. Re: Should they stay or should they go ?

    I'm using Italians. They are quite popular here in Japan. I'm going to try and catch a swarm of Japanese bees this spring so I can study and observe them. I've got my swarm traps ready to go!
  16. Re: Should they stay or should they go ?

    Last year, my beekeeping sensei cut out the drone comb and my total honey crop was 48 kilograms. This was from one hive. I have read that the bees are more calm and satisfied when they have the...
  17. Should they stay or should they go ?

    I was wondering if I should cull my drone brood in preparation for the spring honey flow. Will the bees produce more honey with or without the drones?
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    Re: They got the runs...

    I have noticed the same thing but my bees' poop wasn't like the runs it was somewhat solid. I know if I were a bee, and I was holding out for a good day to go potty, Once I had the chance, I don't...
  19. Re: Alright, I'll just say it.... Anybody ever seen a bigfoot?

    tsmullins... that was great!
  20. What is considered a strong hive?

    I know this is a rookie question but I need a little clarification. This past year has been another "learning" year for me. I started in the spring with a queenless colony and ordered an Aussie...
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    Re: I have a laying queen but......?

    The hive that I have the bees in is a Tanzanian TBH. I've been trying to get the bees to draw comb on Top Bars placed next to the frames. They did draw a nice little comb on one of the top bars but...
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    I have a laying queen but......?

    Apparently, I have a laying queen. I hope its not a laying worker. I am certain that my Aussie (Italian) queen was released April 20. Today is May 6th. All the advice I was told was to wait two...
  23. Re: Anxiously awaiting signs if the Queen

    Well I have been leaving the bees alone for awhile. Just sitting watching their traffic. I noticed quite a bit of pollen coming in today. I think this is a good sign that the queen is in the hive....
  24. I see many bees head first deep inside cells... What are they doing?

    I checked my hive this afternoon. I tried to find the queen but didn't see her. I noticed quite a few bees buried deep in the cells. They look like bees in a starved out hive but the bees are...
  25. Re: When to open the hive to look for queen?

    Ok checked the hive this afternoon and it looks like they are working wax again. Also noticed a lot of bees with there heads way down in the cell. Are they cleaning the cells in preparation for eggs?
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