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    Re: Question about syrup.

    I had thought about giving them some syrup, but the temps here in the daytime are high 50's to high 60's, but at night going back down to high 20's to low 30's. We still have potential to get cold,...
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    Re: A problem..

    Im with square peg, set up a few feeding stations with dry pollen. My bees were in my horse stalls going after the sawdust. It's now down to a minimum since I have set up pollen feeding stations,...
  3. Re: A couple of fun days watching open protein mix feeding...

    I'm starting to worry I didn't order enough Bee Pro. My three hives are going through about a pound and a half each day. I have a 10 pound pail, I just got a couple of days ago. May end up ordering...
  4. Thread: Snow

    by Hogback Honey

    Re: Snow

    That's mean to us in The State of Jefferson also! My buckbrush is nowhere near blooming :-/
  5. Re: What is your favorite hive configuration?

    I am first year, so not much experience, but here's how I, accidentally, did it this winter.
    I was going to use 10 frame double deeps. When I added a medium honey super, all was fine. THEN,...
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    Re: Getting the kids interested

    I think the suit and gloves will be the biggest help. And educating her on not swatting at them, or any other stinging insect when they are around her. Always make sure she hasn't eaten any bananas...
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    Re: Do you reverse hive bodies?

    Sqkcrk, thank you for such a simple explanation, I had the same question as the OP. Knowing what to look for is a big help. that would tell you when to do the switch.
  8. Re: Quick and East Bee Watering Feature - Any Suggestions?

    Even though I have water set up near my hives, they still go to my horse troughs. I only have 3 hives though, not enough to bother the horses
  9. Thread: bee hive

    by Hogback Honey

    Re: bee hive

    Looks like it could be Baldfaced Hornets. They eat flies, and I think I've heard they may eat a honey bee or two.

    Oh yes, like...
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    Re: Medium 8 Frame Swarm Trap

    Oh that is cool. Hadn't even thought about using those metal bracket thingys to attach smaller board to bigger one to make the right size.
  11. Re: A couple of fun days watching open protein mix feeding...

    I have several little feeding stations set up near the hives, and set out pollen. AMAZING how much they clean up in a blink of an eye.
  12. Re: What is the big attraction of pine saw dust??

    Thanks everyone! I had put out the pollen I had, 2 pounds or so a couple of weeks ago, they were all over it. I ran out, so I put patties in each hive, but I guess they prefer foraging for it. ...
  13. What is the big attraction of pine saw dust??

    Every morning when I go to clean stalls, on the south side of the barn, the bees are all over the sawdust. Been warm here in the daytime, bees all over the place, orientation flights yesterday,...
  14. Re: Ag commissioner of Ventura county forces bee hive to move! Help needed

    "I have engaged Farm Bureau & county supervisors. The main issue is right to farm law passed in 1997 in county. Full of great stuff , then one line " at discression of AG commissioner"
    So an...
  15. Re: Ag commissioner of Ventura county forces bee hive to move! Help needed

    How far away are the, "Sedona's" they are referring to?
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    Re: Oops Paint

    Matheson, so did the cashier give you two bits?
  17. Re: Stethoscope to hear the bee cluster in Winter?

    I gave up on stethoscopes, I just listen at the quilt box vent hole. Maybe try a drinking glass, old school, like you did as a kid to hear things through the wall.
  18. Re: Dumbest thing you ever bought for beekeeping ?

    Oh, that is pretty bad GLOCK. My worse purchase was "cam locks", for locking down the lids, never did figure out how they were supposed to work.
  19. Re: What else do I need for my first year?

    More sugar, my new pkgs started out slow, then were eating 2 qts a day, EACH. Maybe some essential oils, check out some posts to see what people use for what and why. A note/journal, so you can...
  20. Re: Unusually warm, bees flying all over the place, what to do

    Thanks all! Looks like I'll just have to decide if I want them to start brooding up or not. Wont hurt to feed, and wont hurt to not feed. Hmmmmm
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    Re: what is a 10 frame slotted rack for

    Great thread, I just learned a lot. I may try a shim under my hives, over the bottom board.
  22. Unusually warm, bees flying all over the place, what to do

    In the past week the nights have only been down to 29, the days are getting gradually warmer, today must be about 75, at least. Normally at this time of year we have cold temps and snow. The bees...
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    Re: Bee quilt

    That is so cool! Thanks for sharing.
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    Re: Hive moisture

    I have 3 hives, and a new bee, just to let you know. Anyway, 2 of my hives have screened BB's one has a solid BB, and I use quilt boxes on all three hives. I noticed the hive with the solid BB has...
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    Re: New in Southeast Alaska

    I'm sure you will get a lot of Fireweed honey. I visited Haines this past summer, tons and tons and tons of wildflowers. Looking at your winter weather, it's not too bad either, so that shouldn't...
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