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    Re: Found my first Feral Hive Today

    What is a "Trap Out Unit". I had intended to put out some nucs with drawn comb and lemongrass as lure for swarms and don't know what a trap out unit is.
  2. How do you know when to stop feeding sugar water?

    I've been feeding sugar water/ honeybee healthy to my bees since January and they are doing very well, even though I lost 2 of 6 hives this winter. I just wanted to know when we stop feeding them...
  3. Re: 4.9 vs. 5.4 bees - What is this and what is the significance

    Good info. I assume mine are the larger cells, but not sure. Got my queens from a guy who sells buckfast from canada. I'll check and see what his are.
  4. 4.9 vs. 5.4 bees - What is this and what is the significance

    Heard some people talking about the different sizes in our meeting and was very confused. What do they mean when they are talking about 4.9 vs. 5.4 bees? Also why do you want one or the other and...
  5. Hot & Cold Weather - When do I put Pollen Patties in the hive

    With all this weird weather, 50-70, one week then 30s' the next, lots of activity with the hives as the bees go out.
    I have been using sugar water in chick feeder and have candy boards on my hives,...
  6. What is best to preserve the wood and keep natural finish - using cedar for boxes

    I'm making my boxes out of cedar and would like to keep them looking natural, but also want to preserve. Don't want to have to paint boxes every so often. Looking for most permanent solution, if...
  7. EcoBee Box - Has anyone dealt with company and used product? Comments

    I don't have the equipment to do box joints so saw the ad for EcoBee Box corner braces in one of the bee mags.
    Thought this might be a good way to make a simple box with just a couple of cuts.
  8. How does collecting pollen affect the bees?

    I have a question regarding pollen traps and collecting pollen. If we collect the pollen, aren't we taking their food? If using a pollen trap, do you leave it on or open or whatever all the time or...
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    Re: starter/finsihervs cell builder.

    What about using "Cloake Board" method. I too am looking at raising just a few queens to help with some splits and am not sure how it works and pros and cons. Can someone explain it to me versus...
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    When to harvest the honey

    I have two supers that are full of capped honey on one hive and one on another hive. Should I leave the full supers on and just add more supers and harvest later or do you pull off those supers and...
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    Re: Cotton rope and Mineral Oil

    Thanks for the info. I might try this as treatment. My other question with this treatment is when to do it? Is there a better time that others to use this cotton rope and mineral oil, or do you do...
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    Re: Cotton rope and Mineral Oil

    Interesting thoughts on the cotton rope and fgmo. I like the idea vs. using what i think would be harsher treatments with the normal pesticides. My question is when would you put the ropes on the...
  13. Small Hive Beetle Traps - Where do you put them

    In my hives the other day and noticed some Small Hive Beetles running around. Just a couple, but hate to have any. I know it is just part of life with bees, but just don't like it. Anyway, got a...
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    When do I add another super

    Check the girls yesterday and getting close to harvesting my first honey. I have 3 questions:
    1. I run mediums and all 9 frames have honey in them but each one has only about 1/2-2/3 capped. Do I...
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    Re: Bugs or What?

    I tried but exceed the limit. would the shb turn white?
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    Bugs or What?

    I was going through my 4 hives today and one of them had this white stuff on the front entrance. They look like dried bugs of some type, but no legs or anything. In fact, at first I thought the bees...
  17. What are "upper entrances" for and do we need them?

    What are upper entrances for the bees and do I need to have them in my hives? I am confused about where they go, how big, purpose, etc. Holes in Brood boxes, Side entrances? As I am fairly new at...
  18. Solid Bottom vs. Screened Bottom Boards--Pros & cons

    I started with 2 hives with solid bottoms, but some people in our local club are switching to screened bottom boards. Should I look at switching to sbb or what?
  19. Re: Trying to Re-queen and cant find the old queens

    Thanks for the idea about mentor. Unfortunately, he was gone this weekend. How long can the queens stay in the little boxes until i can try to get a nuc set up?
  20. Trying to Re-queen and cant find the old queens

    I am a second year beekeeper and have two hives that I would like to requeen. The hives have are Italians and I got the new Minnesota Hygienic queens today but cant find the old queens. What should...
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