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  1. Re: You really can't ever get out of this business, once started!

    Ronnie, try a heat gun set on low. saw an video on utube of a man doing this it looked fast and easy. sorry i don't have a link
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    Re: Let's talk trucks

    says I wouldn't need a cdl. Is that true???

    U.S. DOt states 26000cgvw or less no cdl required your state may or may not require cdl and/or commercial registration.
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    Re: It's a Bacon Movie

    Shawshank bacon
    the bacon mile or the green bacon
    Invisable bacon staring Kevin Bacon
  4. Re: You may be wondering why I'm posting so much lately...

    Ray, my prayers go out for you and may he relive your pain brother.
  5. Re: Who wets their bee suit before inspecting their hives?

    i would like to thank you ByronMO i work in a very hot plant and bought one of these vest for work. What a life saver helps keep me cool in 110 machine enviroment. And thanks to this thread i also...
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    Re: Honest question about ethics

    :ot: jim lyon and sqkcrk for one i apreacate and admire the advise and insight of comm. beeks as yourself's. i am new to this and aspire to become a comm. beek. Mark i read many of ypur post and...
  7. Re: What's the longest you've gone without getting stung?

    this thread is jinxed read it on saturday night, went to look at super progress on sunday got hit 5 times 4 on the hands and one got under my veil and got me above left eye. before this it was 2 1/2...
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    Re: Ants and my hives

    i have sprinkled borax around the hive for sugar ants until i welded metal hive stand moats.
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    Re: New from Oklahoma too...

    welcome kris, and good luck. there are many good people on this forum to learn from.
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    Re: New From Oklahoma

    wolcome Ramsey, good luck in your endevors. you will find a welth of knowledge on here and some real nice people willing to help.
  11. Re: Friend in Dobbs Ferry, NY received notice from Code Enforcement Officer

    you might want to check with the state dept of agriculture, in ga there is a law 2-14-41.1 that prohibits against restriction of honeybee production or maintenance ( look under...
  12. Re: new beek advise on honey production in first year

    thank you squarepeg. have seen alot of your replies and like the way you think and respond to others. what is close to jackson al.?
  13. Re: new beek advise on honey production in first year

    squarepeg, started with a nuc, and fed syrup for 4 week to get good comb started. looks like i have a good flow going on right now the garden is full of bee every day.

    that was my thinking on...
  14. new beek advise on honey production in first year

    I just did a complete hive inspection. my findings are 2 deeps with good brood patterns, plenty of pollin and honey stores. One medium full of caped honey and one medium with drawn comb and a small...
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