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    Re: Does pollen imply nectar?

    Thanks, all! I was asking to see if I could tell what's going on without opening the hive, but it looks like I will have to go in and see for sure. Last time I went in I saw some wet nectar, but that...
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    Does pollen imply nectar?

    If I see foragers going into the hive with loads of pollen, is it a pretty safe bet that they (or others) are also bringing in nectar, and that feeding is not likely to be necessary?

    Or do flowers...
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    Re: 2015 plans

    New beek since May 2014, so my goals are modest:

    Don't kill my bees
    Buy a package
    Adopt a swarm
    Collect my first harvest
    Get my kid to actually handle a frame and/or do something other...
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    Re: Worst mistake of 2014.

    I did something very similar, and I'm similarly haunted. I'm fortunate that the hive seems to have pulled through (with the help of a new Kona queen [$25 plus $25 shipping]).
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    Re: Rain in Cali??

    We will buy/steal that from you via the aqueduct in Summer 2015 :rolleyes:

    Here in Los Angeles had about 2" since Thanksgiving. I think it's having some effect, because when I went into my one...
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    How do bees consume stored honey?

    When bees decide to consume their stores, do they do it in any sort of pattern? Do they uncap one cell and empty it before moving to the next? Or do they uncap a region of cells and deplete them more...
  7. Re: I'm pretty sure I killed my hive today :-(

    Another two weeks have passed, and things are looking good. I now have bees in the upper medium (and visibly many more total bees than I had on the 21st), and I continue to see larvae and brood of...
  8. Re: I'm pretty sure I killed my hive today :-(

    I'm very curious at to what I should expect for mite counts this Spring. I missed at least one entire brood cycle, and I also roasted the heck out of the hive.

    Does anyone know if mites tolerate...
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    Re: Insects feel pain?

    I've been thinking that a _really_ neat macro project (i.e. 20 years with Bill Gates level of funding) would be to reverse engineer the honeybee. The whole thing, from the software (including this...
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    Re: Can a noob take care of 60 hives?

    So the standard line is that you can have more honey, or more bees, but not both.

    How does that apply to Dani's situation, where he's concerned primarily with pollination power? Does splitting...
  11. Re: What species did Apis Mellifera displace in North America?

    I suppose I should have been more careful with the word "invasive" in my original post.

    But A. mellifera certainly is "not native," and the PDF linked above suggests that it has (or at least has...
  12. Re: I'm pretty sure I killed my hive today :-(


    It's been two weeks since I introduced her, and 11 days since I released her. I opened the hive for the first time this morning, and she's been laying!

    I have two frames...
  13. Re: Question's on mod's to Bonterra Swing View DW8

    Awesome! I love the design, and I aspire to own one of your fine hives some day. I just need to figure out how/where to put the entry/exit port so they don't go right into my back patio area.

  14. What species did Apis Mellifera displace in North America?

    Though beneficial to beeks and other humans, A. mellifera in North America is effectively an invasive transplant from Europe, extinct fossils notwithstanding.

    But what was here before them?...
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    Re: removed wild hive, need help

    Wow! How long did it take them to notice this? Didn't they smell or hear anything?
  16. Thread: Stings

    by IAmTheWaterbug

    Re: Stings

    I do worst with stings to my hand and face. My legs and arms don't react nearly that badly.

    Here's what happened back in February when I walked past someone else's hive on the trail:
  17. Re: I'm pretty sure I killed my hive today :-(

    I play and coach water polo, so I'm in the pool a lot!
  18. Re: I'm pretty sure I killed my hive today :-(

    48 hours later they'd eaten through only 3/4 of the candy, so I pulled the opposite cork and let her out. She's now in the hive, either getting murdered or getting regal. I'll check back in a week.
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    Re: Newbee questions - So. Cal.

    So how's your hive doing? I nearly killed mine :(, and I'm desperately trying to revive it, now.
  20. Re: I'm pretty sure I killed my hive today :-(

    I picked up my Italian Kona Queen from the post office this morning. I wasn't aware until then that USPS makes special boxes just for shipping queen bees!:


    Her Majesty and her retinue...
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    Re: I was a beekeeper for Halloween!

    I bought them from amazon and had them filled at my local supermarket (the floral/balloon dept). As it turns out, the supermarket sells the exact same balloon, for twice the price, but it includes...
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    Re: What made you decide to keep bees?

    Atonement, education, husbandry, honey, and honeys :D

    About 10 years ago I drove through a cloud of bees as I pulled into the parking lot at work. A swarm had starting crowding itself into a water...
  23. Re: When your ex topples your hive, can I site animal cruelty?

    I hope you took lots of pictures. Write notes, too, as your memory things may lose clarity as time passes. Your testimony is also much more credible in court if you have dated, timed notes with lots...
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    Re: I was a beekeeper for Halloween!

    No, I was in Palos Verdes. But I would love to see West Hollywood on Halloween some day!
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    Re: I was a beekeeper for Halloween!

    Actually, half the people thought I was wearing an Ebola/Hazmat suit until they saw the bee balloons behind me. And the smoker.

    I filled the smoker with dry ice so I wouldn't burn kids or light...
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