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    Re: how to kill hive of bees

    Mark, send some of that weather out here to CA please!!! Im getting tired of anything over 95 degrees everyday!! Oh, send some of the wet stuff too please!!
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    Re: how to kill hive of bees

    Yup, shake and bake!!! Let the strong hives accept and decline the refugees from the laying worker hive. Trying to save one is a waste of time in my opinion.........instead of taking a frame a week...
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    Re: AHHHHH RATS!!!!

    Ive never ever heard of this. I find it really hard to believe as I destroy the burr comb between boxes when ever I inspect them and have not had them abscond.............ever, due to that.

    I have...
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    Re: I've got 1600 lbs of honey, now what?

    I agree with this one, I posted an add just for fun to see what would happen...........not one hit on 1 pound bottles that were priced the same or less than other postings, and I was the only one in...
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    Re: New beeks effects on beekeeping

    The small guy is not effecting the big guy at all. The small guy like myself works with small almond farmers like my almond guy is. Is it worth it to the big guy to drop 10 hives here, 10 hives...
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    Re: What can I do about varroa mites?

    I agree with JWChestnut, this is really late to make splits without a mated queen. Even without the first bee hatching out in late September, you have to worry about the drone pool right NOW. My...
  7. Re: Best start time for an OA vaporization series?

    I just finished my OAV treatments for the summer. I did a treatment every weekend for 3 weeks. I started in the early morning just after day break (mostly because of high temps and having to lock the...
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    Re: USPS FAILS at delivering queens

    The USPS does suck at shipping anything live, period. The really don't give a **** about anything alive. Its more of a hassle than putting a toy car in a box and sending it on its way, but they sure...
  9. Re: Whats better for winter store build up? Eucalyptus or tar weed?

    I would say to move them to tar weed, the weed should be kicking out much needed pollen and some nectar as well. Eucalyptus probably wont start blooming until December or so..............So...
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    Re: Incredibly aggressive bees

    I had a hive that was ultra aggressive, so much so, I would wait until I was done with every other hive before I cracked this one!!! Even with smoke they were aggressive. I truly think it was from...
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    Re: The Price of Honey

    I get $10 a pound and sell out every year. Im not going to raise my prices as $10 is just as easy for me as it is for the customers. All my honey sells to repeat customers and word of mouth, this...
  12. Re: Are landing boards simply just a waste of wood? ( and paint? )

    All my 5 frame nucs have a 3/4" landing board, all my production hives have a 1 1/2" landing board. I really don't know if there is an advantage to having them or not?? Maybe they help in not letting...
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    Re: Almond market shrinking??

    Shrinking.................Hmmmmm, I don't think so. Every 10-20 acre parcel that comes up in the valley is being turned into nut trees, and fields that are normally row crops are being turned into...
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    Re: Hive Boom for Bee Truck

    My first boom I quickly put together to lift hives was a hitch mounted one, have fun with that, although it worked, it didn't level out and when I went to swing it into the bed of the truck it took...
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    Re: Celebrity Beekeeper

    Hey, with Morgan Freeman becoming a beekeeper, this is VERY GOOD for not only the back yard beekeeper, but sideliners and commercial guys alike. Are everyday people going to listen to and agree with...
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    Re: Queen Rearing Woes...

    I concur. Hole in the bottom of the cell is normal, the WHOLE side chewed out and bottom intact means it was disposed of. You've got a few virgins running around fighting things out, maybe even...
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    Re: Varroa mite counts / oxalic acid vapor

    For one, MAQS does not just go into the hive over night, there is a time period they have to be in the hive for, like weeks I believe.

    As for OAV treatment, I started mine in the beginning of May...
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    Re: When Can I Move Grafted Queens

    I usually end up transferring them 8-9 days after grafting as this usually falls on the weekend when I can get out to the bees!! I have had excellent hatch rates, first batch of 16 this year had 100%...
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    Re: Hive Boom for Bee Truck

    Radar already posted the link to my trailer boom!! LOL
  20. Re: Why are beekeepers not all using vaporized oxalic acid to treat varroa mites?

    Ive done my homework, and I still choose to use OAV in my hives because it does work. Is it illegal, well, its not approved, but is it a huge enough problem that they are sending OAV police around to...
  21. Re: What's your strategy for growing your apiaries?

    Split each year and catch swarms. If you put in the time you will learn how to better your odds of over wintering, and talk to people with the same climate as you and what they do to SUCCESSFULLY...
  22. Thread: Mean Bees

    by BeeGhost

    Re: Mean Bees

    I just dealt with a mean hive yesterday while doing splits. I saved it for last because I know its a very defensive hive. I had no problems until I got to this one, I opened it up and the tornado...
  23. Re: UPDATE: Who ever uses the VMVaporizer, there's a new step-by-step video!

    Whats the price on these things, feel free to PM me with the details if its against forums rules.
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    Re: Splitting an requeening question

    Im California and when I split my hives last spring I put a queen cell in with 2 frames of bees, fed them sub and 1:1 syrup and what not. They were not very fast in building up as you could imagine....
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    Re: My attmept at grafting

    If you have instagram, check out CoyoteCreekBees and see the video clip if the cell starter i use. I got the idea from a couple beesource members, i believe they are Joseph Clemens and David Laferny?...
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