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    Re: Treatment free vs. good sense.

    First correction that is needed - there is plenty of evolution in process both with bees and their pests during our single lifetime. Both are insects with very fast generations. Scientists use...
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    Re: Speculation on CCD and sunspots ...

    Well, I am astrophysicist ... and I am very sure that ccd is not related to Sun spots.The simplest reason - peak of ccd happened during surprisingly low Sun activity/low number of Sun spots. More...
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    Re: Covers and condensation. Is this right?

    I'd disagree. That depends on climate. In AL half inch in the cover may be enough. In WI, definitely not. Experience from a climate colder than AL but slightly warmer than WI - 2 to 3 inches more are...
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    Re: Does wifi affect bees?

    Ok, this goes to my profession (in beekeeping I am amateur). Cell phone radiation at the typical power and frequency at inches of range can do more than just warm the tissue. It can catalyze certain...
  5. Re: Why Do Bees Prefer Top Entrances and We Build Hives With Lower Ones?

    Bees will manage with what we provide. In nature most hives are bottom entrance only. Rare cases of mid and top entrances are typically found when they use some human made structures. But, than they...
  6. Re: 110 acres to plant for your bees, what would you plant? What would you NOT plant?

    Borage may be great addition for your 5 acre meadow. It is self seeding annual so you'll need to plant ft just once. It is also a very robust plant. It should provide almost season long strong source...
  7. Re: Northern Hive Winter Wrapping Opinion Fest!!!

    From practices in another part of the world with similar climate:
    -Top insulation is considered the most important. Typically telescoping tops are insulated with 1 inch of expanded polystyrene foam...
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    Beekeep to be, NY/NJ

    I am potential new beekeep with some "apprenticeship" from beekeeping family back in the country of my origin (grandfather was a farmer and kept 100+ hives, father (ethnologist) kept 3 hives...
  9. Re: Screened bottom board utility questions. Or, does the Emperor really have clothe

    Most of your concerns are true for some of screened bottom board designs but there are some that are fully enclosed with tray of liquid in that may be removed (I like...
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