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  1. Re: Orientation flight? Swarm? New beek needs advice!

    NasalSponge, looking very similar to that video, same actions are happening!

    psfred, just like you described, lots of bees hanging on the front of the hive, just above entrance, and a heap of bees...
  2. Orientation flight? Swarm? New beek needs advice!

    Hi All

    Im a new beek, and installed my bees 3 weeks ago from a 4 frame nuc, had a quick check last week and they have filled half a frame with comb and seem very busy collecting, but what I have...
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    Hello from Adelaide, Australia

    Hi All

    New beek here, just set up my first hive, loving it! And liking this website, lots of info!
  4. TBH design for Adelaide, South Australia, help wanted!

    Hi All

    I am looking at building a Tanzanian TBH which takes Lang deeps (legally required to use frames in my state)

    I was just after some input from some experienced TBH keepers on the best...
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