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    Re: bees and maple trees

    My bank, for Earth Day, gives away trees. (small little suckers..bout the size of a #2 pencil only skinnier) This year was Red Maples (last year pine).
    I looked up Red Maple and it was listed as a...
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    Re: Fall nuc demand

    I'd say yes and no. No from expeirenced beeks....yes from those that are intrested in getting into it. Last year back in Aug was when I started to go to club meetings,, reading a lot and studying. I...
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    Re: Stupid bee tricks ...

    LOL...thats pretty funny. I watched some bees trying to rob a hive. Well the defending bee was upraised on her two back legs and the robber met the defender. for about 30 seconds they were twirling...
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    Re: Fire Ant Problems

    I kill mine with ant killer spray. the bees arent down there with the fire ants. You should be fine just stirring up the bed, soaking it with ant killer and be done. just dont have so much spray that...
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    Re: Source of Late Fall Varroa Load

    Up until this point I was enjoying the conversation between knowledgable people. My Mother did teach me to be quiet and listen. She also taught me manners. Calling other people idiots for a comment...
  6. Re: Did feeding/cost of feeding discourage you?

    Feeding has been the cheapest part of this hobby. Maybe $20 since April? I do woodworking and would suggest you learn to make your own woodenware instead of buying it. So far,..darn glad i have...
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    Re: Storing honey in an uncooled house

    Oh I didnt figure you said "My Friend and they" so I assumed it was this couple who were "off the grid", not you. Mccoys and Hatfield days are a by-gone era. My Bro-n-law lives up in...
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    Re: taking bees south

    First year beek but have spoken to a lot of the commercial guys down here since I need to learn what to do. One with 1000hives goes into his once a month during our winter mont and says we should do...
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    Re: Storing honey in an uncooled house

    WOW! I picture my wife trying to do this (addicted to internet, Iphone and every modern appliance ever invented...mainly AC but we do live in florida) and all I have to say is WOW! Hats off to this...
  10. Re: Wasps, what's the threat and what to do

    you can set out wasp traps. basicallya 2ltr soda bottle with the top 1/3 cut off and inverted back down into the a spout. There are formulas around so I'm not gonna qoute it and get...
  11. Re: I am going to need so much advice. Please brace yourselves.

    The time of day plays a large part too. If weather is normal, not rainy (NEVER go into a hive if its raining or will be soon. Bees hate to be rained on. Makes for very angry bees) so if normal day,...
  12. Re: Howdy everyone from SW Texas (desert/mountains)

    Welcome! I'm a transplanted Texan myself. Lots of good info here and on the net, Youtube, and the liabrary.
    One thing you'll learn is that bees are seasonal (a time of the year in which to do...
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    Re: Frame feeders: making a no-drown top

    Still like the FATBEEMANS NO-LEAK FEEDER. Patnent pending but thats another thread! lol :lpf:
    Zero drowning. Contained, so no frenzy of robbing to contend with. A 10 frame size box can...
  14. Re: Coal black and dark Forrest green pollen..

    last couple of weeks....mine have been bringing in a bright red fuscia color pollen. (really purty color! step up from that normal yellow/gold color)
    Curious if anyone knew what that maybe??
  15. Re: Michigan Loses Right to Farm Farewell to Backyard Chickens and Beekeepers

    LOL..I say that kind of in jest. A lot of munincipalities do have a fence height ordinance. In a former neighborhood I used to live in we went for a variance from the normal 6' to trying to put up a...
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    Re: 8 frame or 10

    Just are you planning on doing that in Minnesota during winter??
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    Re: Making hand holds on bee boxes

    I have to thank you too Mr Cleo. You responded to an email I sent a year ago and I have done quite a few of my boxes with your jig cut.
  18. Re: Michigan Loses Right to Farm Farewell to Backyard Chickens and Beekeepers

    How tall is the fence ordinance in Michigan? What cant be seen must not be there. (as it applies to bees anyway. kinda hard to hide a mooin cow or cockledoodledo rooster) Just sayin.
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    Re: Wax mosth's

    If you set them far as possible from your least a 100 should be fine. Thats far enough away they shouldnt connect your hives with the frames of honey. Or as...
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    Re: Feeding bad queens

    A new Queen would give you an upgraded egglaying machine come spring. If you dont want to raise one.

    numbers. your going to need plenty of bees per hive to withstand your winters. The...
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    Re: Robbing problems

    Robbing screens. There are some plans onsite here for them. On MB's website too. That was the only thing that got mine to stop and to protect the hive being robbed. Easy Peasy to make. Next year,...
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    Re: Nuc plans using 2x12 lumber??

    Pretty sure Inside deminsions on a 5 frame nuc s/b be 7 3/4 wide by 17 1/16 long. Cut your lumber to account for that. A deep is 9 5/8 and med is 6 5/8. takes a 2x12 to do a deep and a 2x8 for a med....
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    Re: WHOOO HOOOO No more mowing!!!

    I agree with Enjambres. Planting for bees may be a worthwhile effort but not sure that the bees appreciate the attempt to provide for them. we all do a lot of reading and not to sound like a broken...
  24. Re: Wax foundations = wax coated paint stirrer?

    This time of the year not sure just how much they build comb. Mine started out like gang-busters back in spring early summer but now?? Havent seen much in the way of building going on. I'm sure...
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    Re: So Confused

    I'm no expert..first year beek. I do know we went thru a dearth back in July/ early Aug. What brood hatched out, probably ate the stores or may have been some robbing going on. There was with my...
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