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    Re: Hives alive for robbing?

    I had a TON of activity as if a few thousand bees flying,........... not a one of my hives made it through winter, so yes robbing can be a possibility, The think though was it didn't really look...
  2. Re: Southern Illinois my hives are bringing in pollen by the truck load!!

    saw several thousand bees out flying yesterday in and out of my hive and orienting like they came from it...............only problem is my last hive died two weeks ago :(
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    Re: Mahogany extract vs mites

    and where would one find that ?
  4. Re: Do any other bees except for honey bees swarm?

    Ha ha, he said if varies with WHO you are talking to, not which entomologist LOL I thin he meant that many regular people in the Gen Population, refer to hornets, yellow jacks, wasps, and...
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    Re: Too pretty for words!

    I never said it would be good vinegar, but it will be vinegar none the less. lol
  6. Re: Lady drops bottle of honey and wants me to replace it.

    was her husband's name Ronnie? LOL
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    Re: Fondant Placement in TBH

    I say eff mine and will let them die my other colonies some look good and others are weak. I don't need bees I have to feed I will watch them closely and if they die out I will freeze the comb and...
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    Re: Activity around hive and house

    Mine do it too during a dearth when the feeders are empty
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    Re: Am I doing a stupid thing?

    Not crazy at all I made this decision before I started with one caveate I did feed this yr simply for the fact that I started with 1 package and 1 nuc after our main flow was over and split them...
  10. Re: first year beekeeper with a top bar beehive

    Welcome to the forrum sounds like you are off to a good start
  11. Re: Large populations, Queen laying in the 5th medium and asters

    All of mine were like that 2 weeks ago had 4 8frame med boxes of solid capped brood top to bottom with the exception of the outside 2 frames we finally got some rain so they just started working...
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    Re: Honey Color?

    I live in e central I'll and late this spring I ended up with a frame or two of honey that was black as coffee it was awesome tasting but can't really describe the taste live in a mostly at area...
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    Re: cutout comb orientation

    We put one in sideways on accident and they never touched it, I finally put it in a super and it wasn't untill they had almost ran out of room before they started re working it they finally filled...
  14. Re: Fair Warning About this type Entrance / Mouse Guard / Queen trap

    Take it easy on them Frank I see nothing wrong with their website they seem pretty honest and legit to me

    "Thank You for taking interest in our Website and furthermore into the products...
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    Re: Does feeding lead to lazy bees?

    Ferrell colonies typically get to keep all of their honey to themselves as well.
  16. Re: Dried, powdered bee it real?

    no clue that was just the first article I cam across when I googled powdered propolis LOL
  17. Re: Hive attempts but fails to swarm - 5 minutes after I put new super on

    if the original poster knows they are going to swarm again, they can watch and catch them then they can decide what they want to do with them, if they leave and end up 50 ft in a tree they won't...
  18. Re: Dried, powdered bee it real?

    scroll down and start reading at method 7
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    Re: Delayed swelling???

    Try preporation H cooling gel :)
  20. Re: Hive attempts but fails to swarm - 5 minutes after I put new super on
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    Re: how do you know if its real honey

    I add food coloring to my feed, makes it real easy to identify sugarwater vs honey, and can even tell when they blend it.
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    Re: Fall prep question

    make a 1x4 frame with 1/2 in hardware cloth on the bottom lay down some newspaper and put wet sugar in it, not sipping wet, just wet enough to get it to stick together drill a small hole in the front...
  23. Re: land owner wants me to place hives right under electric high tension wires

    I don't know how bees will do, but if you burn tires or anything else that produces a high ammount of carbon under them on a calm day the light show is magnificant lol (and no I have not done it...
  24. Re: Has anyone here made a TBH out of fence pickets?

    Built one out of pallet lumber and the top bars are grade stakes from Lowe's. I made a special prybar at work that let's me pop off most boards on a pallett without splitting the wood before that I...
  25. Re: no capped honey in either tbh. we are in trouble

    Ruler foods 4 lb bags $0.79 / bag
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