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    Bees holding queens in cells?

    I have read a number of reports that bees will sometimes hold a queen ready to emerge in her cell. Presumably to allow some other cells to fully mature.

    Has anyone observed this? How it is...
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    Re: Ripe Queen cell hasn't hatched

    Last year i had to split up a few swarmy hives into nucs. Some of the nucs got frames with multiple cells
    When checking on them later I found several where one cell had emerged, but the other cell...
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    Re: Small queen cell- Does it matter?

    Two years ago I watched our observation hive make a batch of emergency cells,

    The runniest little cell I had ever seen hatched first and I figured..that will be one crappy queen, but hey it's only...
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    Re: Do you put weight on your top covers?

    Rocks or concrete on many
    but I have built a bunch of tops with a 3.5-4" rim. These overlap the hive body enough that they have to come straight up to come off, otherwise they jam up...meaning the...
  5. Re: Controlling Pests on Young Apple trees in my Apiary

    Michael B, We have about the same sized plantings as you, mostly apple, some plums and cherries(sour)

    Micronized sulfur for scab during infection windows.
    Bt for ofm early and again mid summer...
  6. Re: Controlling Pests on Young Apple trees in my Apiary

    I disagree,
    Wish I had a picture to post from here. We pull in bushels and bushels of beautiful clean fruit most years and a third again as much blemished but sound for cider. All organic with the...
  7. Re: Controlling Pests on Young Apple trees in my Apiary

    As others have posted, the op really needs to diagnose what pests and diseases specifically need to be dealt with. Once you know that you can develop a strategy for controll. There are no simple one...
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    Re: covered cluster in sugar?

    Does anyone think the food source brings the cluster to the top?[/QUOTE]

    No sugar or candy on top of mine last few years, so I don't think that's it. I have always just assumed they moved up there...
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    Re: covered cluster in sugar?

    I'm always surprised to hear the "norm" is for bees to start at bottom and work up. The hives I check are almost always at the top by mid winter....plenty of stores and they stay up their happy the...
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    Re: Do Queens lay multiple eggs per cell?

    When I keep bees in the observation hive over the winter, I see the queen lay multiples up to 7/8 per cell when they first start rearing brood again.
    In this case, I think the tiny population can...
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    Re: Lets talk about Long Lang Hives

    I built one 48" long from 8/4 cedar when I first started four years ago.
    It has wintered fine most years.

    Never been a boomer, but that could just be the bees in that happen to be in it. On...
  12. Re: Mountain Spin-Off Method ? Has anyone tried this ?

    I have built a number of "frames" which run 1 1/2" the whole way around, but have the conventional ears to hang in hive. Then covered the open faces in 1/2" hardware cloth.
    Laying flat, you can pack...
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    Re: Bear Discovered My Hive

    That bear will be back tonight in all likelihood

    Also, bears don't hibernate all winter, I've seen tracks plenty of times during mild weather in February and march
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    Re: Propolis on purpose: Building boxes ???

    A lot is going to depend on your lumber quality and the sawyer who cut it.
    A lot of rough sawn will vary in thickness along the length of the board and from one board to another. Hopefully not much,...
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    Re: Split ten frame nucs and entrances

    Plenty of folks have wintered four and five frame nucs in vermont. I did two last year, but in seperate boxes.
    But the plan is to build these up into four over four. Bottom divided ten frame, with...
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    Split ten frame nucs and entrances

    I will be setting up some split ten frame boxes for nucs this weekend.
    When we got started some years ago we got some nucs from Kirk Webster, they came with bottom boards set up in the way I believe...
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    Re: battery fencer & solar charger

    Many 12v solar units run 7-10 watt panels, on 14 amp hour batteries
    I think much less than that and you will not maintain full charge.
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    Re: Creosote around the hives

    No issues with SHB here thankfully,
    The hives would not be on the poles. But sheltered on two side by piled poles 6-8' high.
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    Creosote around the hives

    I have been offered space for an outyard nearby. The site is great, with lots of forage, plenty of water, and good sun all year.
    One of the specific locations being considered is tucked into a...
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    Creosote around the hives

    Moved to general forum
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    How cold hardy are red maple blooms

    With 80 and sun last Monday about 1/3 of the Maple buds finally split open. It was great to see the bees hauling pollen and nectar, and timing wise I think they really need it.

    This morning it was...
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    Changing entrance location

    I need to change the entrance location on one of the hives I keep off the back porch.

    Halfway through winter, a piece of duck tape that covered a hole in the hive fell off. That hole face directly...
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    Re: Multi-Laying Queens

    i saw it this winter in our observation hive. seemed like the queen started laying again before the hive wanted to raise any brood. lots of eggs, many multiplies, no larva in a small confined area...
  24. Re: How do queens kill other queens still in the cell?

    I wouldn't say I am "correct" I was just reporting what I have observed. My sample size is only two cycles of the hive raising a queen. And neither time did I get to see the queen destroy all of the...
  25. Re: How do queens kill other queens still in the cell?

    Other things worth noting
    I have not sen the queen chew on the cells at all
    Sometimes the queen only stings the cell once. In the two cases I saw this, the workers began the tear down at the...
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