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  1. Re: Why a nuc instead of a full colony?

    Are you still working with 5 frame nucs at all now Mike, or are you switched all over to four?
  2. Looking for junk deeps for swarm traps New England

    I'm looking to find a beekeeper in New England who has junk deeps to give away or sell very cheap. I'm looking to build a bunch of swarm traps, and I like to load them with frames. Using old deeps...
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    Goldenrod vs. Knotweed

    Hello All,

    I'm interested in the importance of japanese knotweed in Northern latitudes. I'm in the Toronto area at the moment, and I've been watching bees and paying attention to what flowers they...
  4. Re: scout bees cleaning out a (potential) new siteż

    Yes, they do. I've maintained swarm traps on my front porch in Halifax for 5 summers now. I have observed bees working and cleaning old combs in a swarm trap for up to 2 weeks before a swarm is...
  5. Huge honey bee losses across Canada dash hopes of upturn (CBC)

    Here's an article talking about Canada's losses being twice what they were last year, and the concerns around that.
  6. Re: Open Feeding : Questionable Practice?

    They don't have bees for honey, but primarily for pollination, so they feed just to make sure they bees have more than they need I guess. Their concern is making sure the hives are heavy going into...
  7. Open Feeding : Questionable Practice?

    I want to start this by saying that I open fed last season, so I'm not out to point fingers, but I'd like your opinion on the practice.

    I have been talking with a friend who has a yard near two...
  8. Re: Has anyone ever heard of using Rock salt in a bee hive?

    Bees like salt.
    Old time swarm hunters used to bait bees with corn cobs which had been soaked in brine and then dried out.

    I've never heard of placing it in a hive, though.

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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    Saturday, August 31 in Pereau, Nova Scotia.

    Went to a friend's yard, and heard bees above and beyond the yard's bees. Started looking around, and there was a big swarm about 20 feet outside his...
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    Re: Push in intro cages

    What's the procedure to getting the queen in there? Do you shake off the frame, set her on the comb and then push the cage on over her?
  11. Re: I was on the radio today - talkin' bees.

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement.

    I think the call from the woman about bumblebees was actually a good thing, because I hope that people who heard it got a little info on the difference...
  12. Re: repruccisions of using too much smoke?

    Unless you've for a multi-layered suit like the Ultra-Bee or something, don't plan on the suit stopping stings. I was doing a cut out a couple of weeks ago and we got them mad enough, and they...
  13. Re: Vintage Queen Introducer-How is it used?

    I have two or three of those old drone traps. I got them with a bunch of used gear. I figured they could be useful if you got into I.I. and wanted to collect drones.

  14. Re: repruccisions of using too much smoke?

    You're going to get an increased buzzing sound when you use any smoke, as they immediately try to fan it away. It doesn't mean they're mad. You know they're mad when they come after you.

  15. I was on the radio today - talkin' bees.

    I got a request yesterday evening to be a guest on a local radio show, called "The Weekend Gardener" with Niki Jabbour. I was actually at the bee yard when I got the call. So I went and did that...
  16. Re: Japanese knotweed flow is definitely on, how long will it last?

    Knotweed is really an "end-of-season" flow for us, and I don't think they'll draw much for it. We're in the heart of Goldenrod now, and they're still drawing.

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    Re: Smokers in cars?

    I have a type of military steel box. It's not the "Fat 50" pictured above, but it's a heavy, steel box that has a lid that seals tightly. I carry it inside my station wagon with me, and it doesn't...
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    Re: Home VSH Testing

    Mike Palmer and Joe Latshaw - yes. You are correct and that was my error in typing the original post. I should have said "hygenic testing" and not "VSH testing".

    True. Hygenic and Varroa Sensitive...
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    Home VSH Testing

    I have been doing some reading on VSH testing, and it seems that getting the gear to do testing with liquid nitrogen is a bit rich for my neighborhood. Here's a pdf which describes tests

    So I'm...
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    Re: Marking queens

    I really wish I didn't have to mark Queens, as I feel a bit bad about having to goop them up with paint. But if you want to breed, you pretty much have to do it in order to keep track of the queen in...
  21. Re: Golden Rod - Now this is what we've been talking about

    Ahh, I used to live on Peaks Island off Portland. I miss Maine. I'll have to visit again soon... Thanks God they've finally got some Shipyard beer up here... But I could use some Geary's... and some...
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    Re: Have Your Questions Answered by a Treatment-Free Beekeeper

    That's why I think it can work well in our climate. If you put it over a cluster in the cold months, the warm moist air from the bees respiration dampens the cluster-side surface of the sugar and the...
  23. Re: Treatment Free "Thriving" vs. Treated "Thriving" - Is it Fair to Compare?

    I'm only recently getting to feel that way, and I reserve the right to change directions if I find this one to bring me sadness!

    But that's really the gist of it. Each path offers a different set...
  24. Re: Treatment Free "Thriving" vs. Treated "Thriving" - Is it Fair to Compare?

    You know what, Rusty. I totally feel you on this. I want to reiterate, that I am absolutely NOT into the "good-guy/bad-guy" thing, and I do not buy into the "natural beekeeping" rhetoric.

  25. Re: Treatment Free "Thriving" vs. Treated "Thriving" - Is it Fair to Compare?

    Will it? I'm glad you brought this up Don, because I have been thinking about this.

    I wonder how much genetic work over the years has really become so "normal" that we don't even appreciate it...
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