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  1. Re: Attention night owls.. Chat tonight…. mini nuc discussion… 11pm central

    Nice mini nucs. The only thing I'd add to those is a screened vent hole.
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    Re: Flatbed Build Ideas

    Jean-marc bought my F550 flat bed but I remember the measurements. I think it was 14' long and 8 1/2' wide. At 8 1/2 feet I was able to fit 6 hives in a row or 3 pallets if they were on the U clips....
  3. Re: People actually make a living with honey production??

    When I say location, I mean the over all area of forage available for a nectar flow. It doesn't matter how good a beekeeper you are if you have bees in an area that doesn't have flora to support a...
  4. Re: People actually make a living with honey production??

    In that regard, it comes down to locations. An old saying goes like this- A bad beekeeper will make honey in good locations and good beekeeper will make none in a bad location. But I like to think...
  5. Re: Two general questions for seasoned beekeepers (for fun)

    I was about 14 years old and had bees for about a year when a grizzle old time beek I was talking to told me "you'll learn from your mistakes". This is probably more of a philosophy then advice, but...
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    Re: Thinning/feeding thick corn syrup?

    If there's anyone whos advice I would adhere to on this, it would be Jean-marcs.
  7. Re: Common mistakes or other topics for a class.

    mistakes that I find common for new beekeepers are these-
    1. Not insuring adequate stores for winter, the importances of feeding to help them over winter.
    2. not practicing swarm control. When the...
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    Re: Combining Hives Sets Off WWIII

    That's un fortunate. If you can determine that you have a queen in the 'less weak' hive, them it might be better to reduce them to a single after uniting unless between the two them they have a...
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    Re: Reduce the weak one to 5 over 5 nuc?

    I you do a 5 over five, put all honey and empty up first and feed. It seems like a sound decision for the size frame you are dealing with, good luck.
  10. Prairie Beekeepers Skip Fall And Dive Right Into Winter

    I seen the expected cold front coming your guys' way and all I can say I hope you guys' have your hives ready. I'm not sure how long it'll last but I'm under the impression that once you get the...
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    Re: running single brood chambers for winter

    There never seems to be a year when I'm not overwintering a certian amount of singles and there were some years where I overwintered nothing but singles. Our weather here is mild enough to not need a...
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    Re: what % of colonies are productive?

    It is possible to run your production hives at 100% effecincy but you'll have to supply the factors to see it through. What you produce from your bees to market will determine in some regards to how...
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    Re: commercial beekeeping

    Well, considering the initial investmest of the equipment you'd need, the expences of running them, the lack of revenue as your increasing them, I reckon it'll be taking a great chunk out of your...
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    Re: uncapping for 100 hives

    Learn how to use an uncapping plane will be a heck of a lot cheaper and just about as fast as a chain uncapper. Maxant sells them and it's what I use.

    In 1992 we had 110+ hives and I extracted...
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    Re: beekeeper pay scale?

    IMO, I don't think a commercial operation is the place to learn beekeeping 101. bringing a healthy knowledge of bee behavior, colony management, ect will help a fella understand what and why the boss...
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    Re: Winter losses ?

    If I knew that, I'd write a book and make a million dollars. The only thing I'm doing different from those years is I'm not pollinating, focusing on honey production, and started using apivar for...
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    Re: Winter losses ?

    That's because your on the north side of the valley. Everytime I looked over your way, there's a big black cloud hanging over your head. Seems all the clouds just pile up along the northern mountians.
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    Re: Winter losses ?

    4% loss over this winter. 3 out of 72 didn't make it. last year 5%, 2 out of 40 didn't make it through. before that, the last previous 8 years I was never lower than 20% and was as high as 60% and...
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    Re: Managing swarm season commercially

    Jon, I have a single screen that attaches to the inner cover. The bottom broodnest w/old queen has an excluder and honey super above it, so the excluder and single screen basically add up to double...
  20. Re: Questions for the Canuck prairie / peace river folks

    JT, I'm the Jr. my father hasn't been in it for 12 years now.

    I thought of the same thing when I heard about the possibility of the border opening. for those folks up north, you could see those...
  21. Re: Questions for the Canuck prairie / peace river folks

    For dollars worth, I would think that the nuc would be the winner. price wise, nucs and packages are almost on par, maybe nucs are a bit more but the percentage of packages the don't turn out versus...
  22. Re: Questions for the Canuck prairie / peace river folks

    Ok, another question selling overwintered nucs. Are those beeks in the priaries alright with buying a nuc that has a queen goin into her second year? Brother adam talks about the queen being at her...
  23. Thread: Apivar

    by chillardbee

    Re: Apivar

    I believe I remember that time. I was there with you and said employee. I remember later on you told me that you knew the pallets you did, the pallets I did, and the pallets he did. I think he had a...
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    Re: Managing swarm season commercially

    we were running to hundred hives in the 90's and we would crack the supers every week to check for peanuts and go through hives that had cells and smear them. thats not bad when there are only a few...
  25. Re: Building 4-way pallets: Treated or painted? More questions

    Just my opinion but building 4-way pallets are not as easy as a single bottom board. You might want to pour your heart and soul into it and do it right right the first time so you have something...
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