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  1. Thread: 20 ACRES

    by FlowerPlanter

    Re: 20 ACRES

    When there is a flow there is no shortage of blooms. I look for things that bloom near or during the dearth.

    White sweet clover (not as common as yellow which bloom during the flow) start blooming...
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    Re: This is a big mistake

    Good news is you kept them from swarming.
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    Re: Bees held for ransom

    Don’t let his baggage interfere with a good hive inspection.

    Often people will misdirect because they have something to hide.
  4. Re: Newbees, Mediums and AFB -- a cautionary tale

    But there are too many beek worried about how to make 2:1.

    And your quick actions will hopefully keep it from spreading.

    >and it occured in two colonies started from package...
  5. Re: Newbees, Mediums and AFB -- a cautionary tale

    Are you sure it is AFB, were samples sent for testing?

    Without knowing any info or seeing any frames I would put my money on EFB. Can you post pictures?

    AFB can take 2 years to kill a hive;...
  6. Re: Do you need vaseline to control mites in screened bottom board?

    Might not be a good idea to use corn syrup, some beetles might get trapped while others will lay eggs. You will be breeding beetles.

    I purchased some Tanglefoot on amazon for SBB trays.
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    Re: Human Made Feral Hives

    Where can I find out more about this? Read may studies and books by Tom Seeley. He also has a Utube video that some one posted.
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    Re: Human Made Feral Hives

    I would think it would be complete legal to find or make a hollowed out log with holes as desired and put some LGO in it.

    This way there is a good chance you would also catch feral ones.

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    Re: New Beek need help

    >Does my combined two hives have time to make a queen and her have time to mate?
    Yes (my bees are still making drones, are your’s?) You need eggs or young larva for them to make a queen, add a frame...
  10. Re: When a hive doesnt make it post swarm

    >and yes there seemed to be mixed age larva close to one another as I recall.

    That is exactly what you see with EFB. The queen will lay in all available empty cells in the center of the frame, the...
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    Re: Not taking syrup

    >queen mated and was laying just OK, not great.
    What makes you say this?

    >Eventually the hive dwindled, maybe 3 cells of open larva in one deep, not much pollen or honey

    >I have been feeding...
  12. Re: When a hive doesnt make it post swarm

    >patterns seemed a bit spotty.
    >spring flow having ended
    How spotty? got pictures? Is the open larva intermixed with different aged larva side by side?

    >neither mites nor shb seemed to be a...
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    Re: Cut-out made easy.

    Nice feral survivors!
    I think there is a really good chance the will make it through winter.
    Ask him to set up swam traps, they will prevent the bees from moving in more old structures. There is a...
  14. Thread: Lone Bee

    by FlowerPlanter

    Re: Lone Bee

    >when i noticed a lone bee on a door frame. This is during the middle of the night
    I often find one that will come to the front light at night, my hives are 50 yard from my door.
    Look around...
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    Re: AHHHHH RATS!!!!

    Post pictures of any new empty brood comb that is yellow on the edges with brown patch inside. And pictures of capped brood. If there is any.

    Was there any capped brood left?
    Any honey or pollen...
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    Re: Feeding bad queens

    >I have three hives, two of which have poor queens and probably won't make it through the winter
    The bees sense a poor queen long before you and will replace her. The odd of 2 out of 3 hives have...
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    Re: Effectiveness of Vita EFB Test Kit?

    If it quacks like a duck...

    I'm glad you’re not delaying treatment, it could make the difference for winter survival.

    Read from several different places that false negatives for EFB are...
  18. Re: Something went very wrong, very fast ...
  19. Re: first year bee keep should i bee treating them with anything for winter?

    Do you have and more info on this, I would be very interest in reading more on this.

    From what I have seen first-hand that nutrition does make a difference, a strong flow may slow or delay the...
  20. Re: first year bee keep should i bee treating them with anything for winter?

    Because the antibiotics don't last very long you would need to treat once a month to keep enough of them in the hive to keep foul brood out.
    I have seen hives recover from EFB and a month later it...
  21. Re: first year bee keep should i bee treating them with anything for winter?

    If you have not already you need to research Mites, SHB, EFB, AFB, and Nosema. You need to know what a healthy brood pattern looks like!

    Allot of new beek fail to do this. Then their hive crashes...
  22. Re: Another Hive has absconded due to shb

    How was the brood pattern, got pictures of what's left in the hive? Any brood left?
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    Re: Complety empty hive

    The honey was gone. Just one 1 of 4 hives. No brood.
    Does not quite fit CCD.

    >Checked my 4 hives last week and everything was good. Went this past Thursday ... and was completely empty.
    Did you...
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    Re: Inspection today and need some help.

    Your pattern looks spotty, it might just be because that’s the last of the brood to hatch out. A picture of the full frame will better show the story.

    No open larva, no queen cells, they may have...
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    Re: Inspection today and need some help.

    I can see enough of one frame to tell, do you have any picture that are of the whole frame. Also I did not see and new open larva do you have any you can post?
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