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  1. Re: A question for NY Beeks (Or anyone who can help)

    The NY sales tax issue revolves around whether you are a "farmer". If you are a farmer, then you fill out and give this form to the Deere dealer:...
  2. Re: packages installed on "stocked" deeps, why feed?

    >> is there a way to have a water feeding bee slide of some kind that can hold water for a 3 to 7 day range? ( I say slide as some kind of slanted surface maybe that as it gets lower or higher in...
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    Re: Package options in the USA

    The problem for the original poster is that while Point Roberts is USA territory, the only land connections (roads) are to Canada, and there is no ferry service to the USA. If you have access to a...
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    Re: Side Note - Laying Workers

    You may be interested in this Michael Bush page ...
  5. Thread: Moths

    by Rader Sidetrack

    Re: Moths

    There is a big difference in wax moths in an active hive vs wax moths in stored equipment (with comb). In the document linked in post #2, sections "Physical control", "Biological Control". and...
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    Re: soy flour alternative

    Honey/nectar/sugar provide the bees with carbohydrates. Pollen & pollen substitute provide the bees with protein.

    Protein is required for bees to raise brood. Carbohydrates are required for...
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    Re: soy flour alternative

    Brewers yeast can be an alternative for soy flour in sub.

    See this USDA article on feeding bees:
  8. Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis - biological control of wax moth larva)

    Bt variety aizawai, including toxicity discussion:

    Bt aizawai, effectiveness in wax moth...
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    Re: new to forum

    Welcome to Beesource!

    >> She is just walking around and the colony is shrinking. What should I do?

    Queens don't lay eggs in isolation. It takes workers to clean/prepare the cells for the...
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    Re: Crane lift

    Note that the rated capacity of the HF Crane is 1000 lbs ONLY when the boom extension is not extended at all, with a boom length of 33 inches. IMO it will be quite difficult to position pallets...
  11. Re: when is the best time to start ??????

    In most area 'spring' offers the most/cheapest options for acquiring bees. Packages are generally only available in spring. Nucs and full size hives may be available at other times, but your...
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    Re: oav vaporizer

    Typically used to improve heat transfer between heat generating electronic components and their heat sinks is heat sink grease / thermal grease. Here are some products:...
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    Re: Nurse Bees

    A different reference, that discusses foragers reverting to nurses ...
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    Re: Nurse Bees

    >> At any point a forager can become a nurse bee again.

    That might be somewhat difficult if the comments at this UGA page by Zachary Huang about changes in the hypopharyngeal glands and...
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    Re: Western FL Panhandle Howdy

    Welcome to Beesource!

    The small hive beetles pupate in soil near the hive, so if your chickens have access to to the ground around the hive, the chickens may eat the SHB larva before they can...
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    Re: What to do with the honey?

    Actual Facts™:rolleyes: from the IRS regarding classifying income & expenses as a hobby vs a business:

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    Re: question about 9 frame spacers

    The wide spacing of frames is normally used only in honey supers. Wide spacing allows the cells to be 'taller', and therefore have a higher percentage of honey per capping, and easier to uncap. ...
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    Re: Help! What's going on? Any ideas??

    This is just speculation:D on my part, Elvira, but I'm wondering if that hive has some kind screened bottom? If so, closing off the screen with a count/sticky board or a tray may get the bees to...
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    Re: Bottom board plywood

    Free plywood is good! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    If you are looking for affirmation that 1/2" plywood is suitable for nucs, here are plans where the entire nuc is made from 1/2" plywood:...
  20. Re: New forum problems with pitting and air bubbles

    Welcome to Beesource, Lynne!

    This is just speculation:D on my part, but are you confident that there is no talc or powder on the surface of the balloons? My understanding is that some balloon...
  21. Re: Just curious as to why my latest removal video was deleted

    Well, Barry, if my speculation is actually wrong, you have here the perfect opportunity to correct that. Note that Harley said that he did inquire as to deletion of his thread, but got no response.
  22. Re: Just curious as to why my latest removal video was deleted

    >> Wow...someone takes themselves too seriously.

    Why should Beesource give free advertising to other sites that are competing for beekeeper's attention? Do you see other businesses doing...
  23. Re: Pour syrup directly into drawn comb?

    Here is the thread crofter mentioned about the frame syrup filling machine ...
  24. Re: Just curious as to why my latest removal video was deleted

    My point is that it taking people away from Beesource - to a site that could be considered in competition for Beesource participants.

    Competition is not always directly about dollars. In this...
  25. Re: Just curious as to why my latest removal video was deleted

    Harley, an interactive map site that tracks swarms could be considered as "offering a product that competes with Beesource", and therefore grounds for deletion of the thread.

    Read more about that...
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