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  1. Re: Heard a taLL tail. Is it true?

  2. Re: are my mouse guard an issue I should address?

    Interesting,, find that odd.., so you do not think the notch in your inner cover is enough of an entrance/exit? Is it not facing down?
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    Re: School me on doing a split.

  4. Re: are my mouse guard an issue I should address?

    Really depends on how many a bunch is. If I see more than I think a particular hive can undertake, I remove guard on a cold day and clear the entrance, then replace the guard. If it is not flying...
  5. Re: Will the bees clean these frames or should I toss the comb

    If they look the same as they do on the pictures (before freezing?), I would try to get/pick out as much of the webbing as possible without ripping out surrounding "good" foundation. I have come...
  6. Re: 'Italic" font invisible to you?

    Rader, Your so crazy :D Maybe it's the ' '/blank space, No one wants blank space in their lives;)
  7. Re: Swarm management in urban hives

    :lpf:,,Note to self,,,whenever you hear this again, double the estimate! But some bees are "busier" than others in week, not to mention the size of the swarm moving in, but if I just had a hundred...
  8. Re: Swarm management in urban hives

    That is until they see bees coming and going from their structure, and then of course they are "your bees" :eek:. They will be home for that, welcome home :D. Keep swarm traps out in your...
  9. Re: Slingers - A Documentary about Small and Local Beekeepers

    Cool video, I want to be a Slinger when I grow up :D. How did you come up with the name?, the slinging of boxes and frames?
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    Re: Help with first cutout.

    Mradamhopkins, what's the word bird?
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    Re: where to find plans?

  12. Re: Have not even started and already discouraged...

    As I stated before, I just don't understand the logic in this. I began as a beginner treatment free beekeeper, and encourage beginners who want to start that way to stick with it, if they want to be...
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    Re: Bear- Repellent

    There is time for a fence, they have not been "yogied" yet. I would get the fence up, and be done with it. I do not know of any repellents, but would be worried if they didn't do there job. Electric...
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    Re: New from Denver

    Verbify, Welcome from your neck of the woods, I think it is more like ask 20 beekeepers, and get 25 answers :D. good luck on your endeavor, its a learning process, but can be done.
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    Re: Bees have left the hive

    The frames are most likely full of honey and sugar syrup, color can be used as an indicator of the two. They are good for something! If you plan on starting again freeze them and reuse them in the...
  16. Re: Mouse invader/what to do with honey?

    Is there evidence that the mouse made it up into the two boxes of full honey? Were the honey supers separated by a queen excluder (in this case might act as a mouse excluder:D)? I don't know if it...
  17. Re: need some advice on a wild hive removal

    First step, get them out of the cooler immediately! That is, if they are still alive :eek: Yes, you can transfer them and their comb into any type of hive.
  18. Re: Entrance reducer. Which hole this time of year?

    Are these reducers wooden? I would be worried about leaving a wooden entrance reducer on through the winter. I had a very determined mouse terrorizing an out yard this summer. It/they were chewing...
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    Re: Hitler on Beekeeping

    :thumbsup: Isn't that the truth.
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    Re: Help with first cutout.

    How high up is that? Will you be working on ladders or? Adds another element of difficulty, especially if one person is on the ground, and the other is trying to come down the ladder with cut comb..,...
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    Re: Help: I have pulled an Acebird

    + 1:thumbsup:
    In most case yes, but it my experience it depends on how frequent you want to visit, time of year, and size of colony. But I have only done two trapouts, and always suggest cutouts...
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    Re: building comb Indiana

    Silver dollar capped cells? Wow!! I wonder what that is :scratch: I would not put the 5th box on going into November. There is some r-value in the 4th box with drawn comb, but if the cells are empty,...
  23. Re: Foundationless Comb Management

    No, not that I have experienced, & no. As Vance G. pointed out she will find cells to lay in if/when she wants to lay.
  24. Re: I've got 1600 lbs of honey, now what?

    UHHH, do you really not know what to do with 1,600 lbs of honey :lpf:
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    Re: feral hives

    I do not know of any studies, but I do know CO has there fair share of feral colonies. Some of which I am sure came from managed hives. Greathorned, what makes you think this?
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