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  1. Re: Making a Miller Style Top Feeder - Sealant Ideas

    I use one coat of fiberglass resin. Use a cheap paint brush and wear latex gloves. I have some feeders that are 20 plus years old and still don't leak.
  2. Re: Sealing the interior of a Dadant top feeder - what to use?

    I use fiberglass resin works great.
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    Re: Jar feeders on mating nucs

    Make inner covers,drill tight hole the size of jar ring. I always offset to make room for pollen patty. Set empty super over top. Then put lid on. This also keeps sun from overheating feed on warm...
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    Re: Can't keep smoker smokin'

    I've always used burlap. Cut a strip about 4"x8" roll up loosely. Light and allow it too start flaming pretty good stick in smoker loosely. Give it a few puffs allow too burn a little longer. Then...
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    Re: Kevin Schuller Queens

    I also ordered queens from kevin. they have been in for 2 weeks. checked them at about 10 days after install. all laying very well 3-4 frames of eggs,larva,or capped brood. look forward too seeing...
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