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  1. Re: pulling my hair out over these big black ants!

    We take old bed frames and harvest the angle iron. Bolt some short legs on the hive stand, put legs in tin cans of used motor oil. Ant moat.
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    Re: Ant barriers...seeking advice

    Used motor oil here in tin cans. I make leg lids out of small pot planter saucers. I keep bees in ivy in the backyard. You drown a few bees but if you wanna make an omlet...
  3. Re: Ticks-can't take it any longer. What to do/

    I am going to say since no one else has. How about a bee suit? Mine keeps the bugs out wonderfully (:
  4. Re: 4 new splits; can I move them down the hill and when?

    Greetings from Martinez,
    I would prune a large leafy branch and put it over the entrances on the splits for a few days. It seems that when they crawl upside down, they have to reorient their...
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    Re: Brood in supers, now what?

    Thanks for all the advice guys. I'm not really much of a honey salesman, even though I am hounded by co-workers to buy my honey. Gotta create demand right? I must of lucked out last year as I didn't...
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    Brood in supers, now what?

    I have been a beek since last April when I brought two packages into the suburbs of the Bay Area, Ca. I split them and lost one hive over the winter to wax moths. I ended up getting a decent harvest...
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    Re: Plastic or wood frame Queen Excluder

    I havent used a honey excluder yet. They have proven to be the most worthless piece of bee stuff I have purchased to date. Sorry to hijack here but save your $$ for more important stuff and let em...
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    Re: Nectar Flows in Northern California?

    I live in the Bay Area and have been wondering the same thing. Lots of activity. I think i will put my supers on tommorow and let the girls fill em em up.
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    Re: Jack Daniels Hive

    You gonna decorate one with some of those mallard wings?
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    Re: Had to get my bear license

    It is very illegal to sell any part of a game animal. The nation's wildlife is for sporthunters enjoyment not profit. Bear is very tasty, I shot my first one This year and ground the entire animal....
  11. Re: First Harvest!!! Tastier than expected.

    Here is the recipie I have been working with

    Those were good tips and insight to your process. Thanks for the info!
  12. Re: First Harvest!!! Tastier than expected.

    I am really interested in making a batch of mead. I have made blackberry wine before and its great. Can I ferment the blackberries with mead? How much honey is needed for a 5 gallon carboy?...
  13. First Harvest!!! Tastier than expected.

    Had a bee club member help me out yesterday with my first honey crop. I was not anticipating a harvest the first year but will happily take it!

    I am running 2- 8 frame deeps and had a deep super...
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    Comb super under a honey super?

    Hey guys,

    I did an inspection yesterday and saw that the deep super I put on my firdt year package is nearly full. Maybe 4 full frames and 2 half frames of capped honey. I dont have any more...
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    Re: more questions about storing frames

    I can't answer Sally's question but I can answer Seymore's. Cuz its hunting season!!! My freezer is gonna be full of venison, duck and abalone. I planned on storing my first year frames the same...
  16. Re: Complaint against Auburn Michigan Veteran, beekeeper, prompts viral response

    While the pain of a bee sting lasts but a few agonizing minutes, the emotional trauma will last a lifetime. I hope the city orders all plants carring a thorn ie roses, blackberries, ect be removed...
  17. Re: Complaint against Auburn Michigan Veteran, beekeeper, prompts viral response

    While the pain of a bee sting lasts but a few agonizing minutes, the emotional trauma will last a lifetime. I hope the city orders that a plants carrying a thorn be removed and burned. They can...
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    Re: When do I extract?

    Thats good news to me about beetles and moths. I am still in the learning phase. I planned on wintering the bees with simple syrup and pollen patties. Do i need to leave a super on during the winter...
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    When do I extract?

    I decided to super a first year package. The Italians are in 8 frame deep boxes with 2 for the brood nest. They were doing great this summer. I did a split off them back in late May too. I am not...
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    Re: DANG! Talk about some irritable bees!

    Wear nitriles over your leathers. They will keep your leather gloves cleaner and the bees will bee less likely to sting a synthetic surface rather than a animal hide.
  21. Re: Good grief hive armageddon this morning!

    They drank the Raid Kool Aid perhaps. Where do live? Residential? Farmland?
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    Re: Do I have to use a queen excluder?

    Why would you want to shake all the bees off before adding an excluder? Couldnt you just take a look at each frame to see if the queen is on it??? I am getting great advice here and I really...
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    Do I have to use a queen excluder?

    I started beekeping with 2 packages early April this year. I got two four # packages of italians and russian carniolan hybrids from Honey Bee Genetics in Vacaville, Ca. They have been doing well. The...
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    Re: Dogs around hives in backyard

    My 100 lb black lab is finally learning not to chomp at the bees. Its kind of nice cause they bees will attack him and not me when i am digging or working in the garden. When i work the hive, he gets...
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    Re: Oakley City Counsel Help

    Fellow Contra Costa beek here. I am lucky that Martinez is pretty laid back. Hey Dan, I think you know my buddy Jon Ivers. He helped me get into beekeeping. Comment was sent, good luck at the meeting!
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