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  1. Re: essential oils vs varroa: does it work? syrup recipe?

    Thank you everyone for all the info, recipes, and opinions.
    Michael, you mentioned that some oils are just like the bees' pheromones and can disrupt the hive. Can you direct me to more information...
  2. essential oils vs varroa: does it work? syrup recipe?

    I've heard about feeding hives with syrup with essential oils added to it -- does anyone have a recipe for this? It sounds like it might be really helpful vs. varroa -- would anyone talk about their...
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    Re: e) Buying nuc vs. package bees

    In Georgia, I got a package of bees in 2009, in late May -- this was way too late and they didn't do well because they had completely missed the major nectar flow. In 2010 I got two nucs in April...
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    Re: Wintergreen Grease Patty

    Hi everyone -- I have two questions about this thread:

    1. What exactly are the "mineral salts" mentioned in the recipe? I Googled the term and found out that mineral salts are those that are...
  5. 2 years, 2 hives in Atlanta, GA; new to forum

    Hi forum, good to meet you!
    I have been a hobby beekeeper in Atlanta for two summers now.
    My first summer I got two pounds of bees and a queen through the mail -- in May, due to my late order --...
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