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  1. Re: Getting back into beekeeping, Unity New Hampshire!

    Excellent advice Michael Bush! I like the different options you give which would save money in buying deep supers and deep frames though that purchase is what I will be doing to try to keep things...
  2. Re: Getting back into beekeeping, Unity New Hampshire!

    Thanks Riskybizz..... I really don't feel stupid, just ignorant (which is better) which is nice because you can't ask a stupid question that way! The Nucs I got last summer were medium nucs, we are...
  3. Getting back into beekeeping, Unity New Hampshire!

    Hi Guys,
    It is nice to have a forum to learn from your experience and make my venture a success. They say if you have to go through a mine field, follow someone! Just not to close I guess! ...
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    Re: New Beekeeper from Vermont

    What a nice set-up you have there! I am in Unity NH, so guess we are kind of neighbors! I will look forward to following your progress throughout the year. I had 4 nucs last spring who didn't make...
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    Re: Pics of my new hives.

    Nice set-up! Like your art work! Does that get hot on that roof?
  6. Back into beekeeping with 4 corniolan nucs on order living here in NewHampshire!

    Hi guys,
    Been looking for a good bee site! Looks like I have found it here. I look forwad to many hours in front of my computer when I can't be out with the bees.
    I would be interested in hearing...
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