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  1. Re: Help with Expenisve Breeder queen introduction problem

    Welcome to Beesource, NSBee. Excellent thing to bring up - Add the frame with the expensive breeder queen under the push-in cage to the box, THEN shake the bees through the excluder box into the nuc....
  2. Re: Help with Expenisve Breeder queen introduction problem

    There are many ways to do it. See Harry Vanderpool's recent thread on queen introduction.

    I agree with push-in cages, I use Dr. Harry Laidlaw's design, pushed in over flat comb 50% to 70% capped...
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    Re: Uncapping Tool?

    I'm still small-time, so I cut 2 spacers out of aluminum tube and made two cold knives 22 inches long, drilled them and bolted them parallel 1 and 5/16" apart, with handles on both ends. There is a...
  4. Re: How far away can the bees bee from a bee vac.

    You will have to work out the air speed at the end of the hose. It has to be just barely enough to overcome the bees' flight speed, which is usually about 15 miles per hour. Too much faster, the bees...
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    Re: Box building tools

    It would take a whole lot of screws to equal one good clamp's force. The Jorgansen I-beam clamps with the acme thread screws can dent almost any wood. I have not tried it against lignum vitae, nor...
  6. Re: Necesity of Bottom bar in Foundationless frames

    It reads like the conclusion is rather plain to see...make up whole frames and drop them in. No worries.

    Every time I've tried to make a top bar-only Miller queen frame, or other such comb, either...
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    Re: Box building tools

    Just a couple of quotes to pass along, from another of my mentors, a beekeeper / cabinetmaker, regarding spreading enough glue on each side of the joint: "If it don't OOZE, you messed up! Tear it...
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    Re: Grafted queens - overrated?

    +1, Mr. Bush, (post #23)

    +1 Jim Lyon, (post #4)

    Michael Palmer says, "It's all about the Royal Jelly, baby!"

    Grafted queens, done right, are almost indistinguishable from non-grafted queens....
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    Re: Box building tools

    Dr J -

    Just a few quick points on hives with FBJ's...

    I like the hives with slots down the insides of the short ends for hive partitions. The slots divide the hive down the middle for 2 x...
  10. Re: I might try "MagEyes" magnifiers for grafting.

    I wear my 2.75 power reading glasses under my 7x loupe, other than that, I'm same as Squarepeg - seated in the tent with a flashlight, a magnifying glass, and a grafting tool, my warm water bucket on...
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    Re: Mini Mating Nuc

    Mini nuc's require lots of attention to detail, and are a PITA as far as I'm concerned. You have to get the combs drawn, you have to store them, and they have to be right exactly when you need them....
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    Re: fighting it out

    OK, I don't mean to sound snobbish, but a colony with a failing queen is NOT going to be swarming, but rather superceding their mother. That is, until you go and pull the trigger by removing her all...
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    Re: The Holistic Method

    I'm with Beepro by and large, but would emphasize to go ahead and start out purchasing decent bloodline stock instead of re-inventing the wheel with feral bees. Keep your feral stock, and breed from...
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    Re: Queen balling

    Do pay attention when veterans talk about balling. It needs to be researched carefully. It appears to be a behavior used for several, if not many purposes.
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    Re: I tried something new today.

    I suggest a cute, young assistant :D with good eyes and steady hands.

    Do you punch through both sides of the comb?
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    Re: Why a cell starter and finisher?

    All except the exact timing, right David?

    It seems the finisher is primed with 8 to 10 frames of imported capped brood (no queen cells!) 10 days before grafting, the queenless starter is only...
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    Re: I tried something new today.

    What diameter brass tube are you using? Is the rod to push the back of the candidate cell out? How are you attaching the punched cells to a cell bar (?) or comb (?). Just curious...
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    Re: What to do with extra frame of honey?

    Crush it, strain it, add purified water until your hydrometer reads the desired alcohol potential, heat, allow to cool, then add yeast and put an airlock over the 5-gallon jar. Rack (siphon off the...
  19. Re: Mating Nucs + Robber Screens = No Problems

    Jolly good post, LaFerney! Huzzah! And thank you.

    Also, I made up an Oldtimer / Joseph Clemens-type vented nucleus Cell Starter box like you suggest for late season queen rearing. Good thing,...
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    Re: Do you count the day you graft?

    It helps to know if your queens tend to hatch in 15, 15 1/2, or 16 days at what average temperatures. Warmer generally takes less time. If re-arranging in the morning and grafting in the evening, I...
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    Re: keeping and storeing queens

    You'd only need 15 frames for 5 queens to make up five 3-frame nucs....I'd add a frame feeder to each, and a patty.
  22. Re: Any theories on why there is such a discrepancy between mating success

    What size shot does one use for dragon fly hunting? A Skeet gun might be a good choice.

    I know, I know :ot:

    Incidentally, I usually get better results for % mated virgin queens with nucs having...
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    Re: How long do Drones live?

    Just one more point - DO give pollen or pollen substitute patties to the colonies whose drones you are promoting.

    I'd give them one every 4 or 5 days if they will take that much. Also, I like to...
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    Re: Electric Fence Ground Rods? 3 Needed?

    Pat, David, others who might try it -

    A 30-30 in not sufficient for bear. Black bear - .30/'06 Springfield with at least a 150 grain slug should be considered minimum, preferably in a lever action...
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    Re: Cut-out box

    I'd never use that for cut-outs. I vacuum them up, go combine them to an existing (weak) colony, and then come back and finish the work. I'd then feed he honey back to the bees, and melt and left...
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