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    Re: pine 1x10 lumber boards

    Check the width of the boards the guy has. Normal 1x10's are only 9 1/2 inches so you can't use them for standard Lang deeps, you need 1x12's for those. If the boards the guy has are actually 10...
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    Re: Hints on spotting the queen

    Last year was my first year, and as soon as I saw eggs or larvae I would stop looking as I knew she was there. This year I was needing a frame of brood and eggs to add to another hive so I had to...
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    Re: pine 1x10 lumber boards

    Lumber prices are very regional. My local Menards had 3 foot 1x10's for $1.49. That would be .50 cents a linear foot, your paying almost a dollar for rough cut. Were you planning to plain them down...
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    Re: Supply List for Assembling Frames?

    I use Titebond 3 and a $15.00 stapeler from Harbor freight. I never built a jig, I can put them together and shoot them with the stapeler pretty quick.
  5. Re: Why I decided to buy my equipment, instead of build it.

    I've said on here before that location also plays a big difference. I live in a rural area 40 miles from Indianapolis. I can find 3 foot cut offs of 1x12 at my local Menards for 1.49 each, that's a...
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    Re: Will my bees freeze?

    I overwintered my hive this past winter in Indiana with the screened bottom board open, the hive was not wrapped and they made it. 50-70 degrees will be no problem at all.
  7. Re: Split a hive and trying to cover my bases

    I had a trap out that was queenless, I added a frame of eggs, larvae, from another hive on a Wednesday and went back to check and found queen cells on the following Sunday (4 days). Mine was...
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    Re: caught a swarm

    Im not too far from you between Muncie and New Castle, curious if you caught it in a trap or got a call on it. I have some traps set for the first time this year, good to hear of swarm reports in...
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    Should I move the trap?

    I went today to check a trap on my friends property. While I was talking to him he told me that about 4 years ago there was a locust tree they were going to cut for fire wood but left it because it...
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    Re: Queen Releasing Question

    I am a newbie but I believe she will be fine. I picked up a new queen from a supplier this weekend. I asked him out of curiosity how long they can live in the cage. He said he leaves them in for...
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    Re: Bee Install Error

    I'm new also but recently did a cut out and used a bee vac. I shook the bees the best I could from the vac into their hive. An hour or so later there was a softball size cluster on the outside of the...
  12. Re: Needing a queen and possible need to combine.

    Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I have to work all day tomorrow and will not be able to get over there. My plan Monday is to check the cage and see how they are reacting. My supplier told me if...
  13. Re: Needing a queen and possible need to combine.

    Here's what I decided to do. I found a local queen available so I went and picked her up this morning. I removed the bottom deep box completely, it was empty. I then put the queen cage in the...
  14. Needing a queen and possible need to combine.

    Ill try to keep this short

    Did a trap out April 1, no queen on April 8 added a frame of eggs. April 12 they had queen cells. I did not open it again until today (April 30).
    In the mean time my...
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    Re: Swarm surprise in Southern Indiana

    That's good news, I just set 3 traps in central Indiana last week. Frist year trapping, I have a few more to set this week.
  16. Re: Heeeelp!!! new give swarmed. wife caught them. now what?

    I read on this site some time last year when I was first getting started that top bar hives had a higher rate of absconding with no explanation. Is that true or was someone just speaking out because...
  17. Re: Observations of the first 24 hours of a new beekeeper

    I used mow for a guy and always mowed right up against his 4 hives and never had a problem. Different hives react differently. The same guy has a hive right now and if he just walks within 30 feet...
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    Re: New packages don't seem to be eating

    Earlier this spring during a cold spell I didn't want to open the hive all the way. I pulled the lid up and dumped about 2 pounds of dry sugar on top of the inner cover. Put the lid back on and the...
  19. Re: Observations of the first 24 hours of a new beekeeper

    I'm surprised nobody has questioned the fact that you claim there are 24 hours in a day. Bee keepers don't seem to agree with each other very often! LOL
  20. Re: How long for a swarm to start drawing comb?

    I meant to title this how quickly will they draw comb, as in how long will it take them to draw out enough of the frames that I will be able to just transfer most of them instead of having to...
  21. How long for a swarm to start drawing comb?

    I started setting some swarm traps this week. So far I have three out and have a few more to go. I built 8 frame deep's and drilled a 1 7/8 hole in the bottom center of the longest side. Inside I...
  22. Re: Just when I thought things were looking up.

    Thanks pics were just one handed with my iphone 4. I know for certain the cells were not there on the 8th. Just a couple coin sized patches of brood, and eggs and larvae.
    Given what you see and I...
  23. Re: Just when I thought things were looking up.

    Being a newbie I am playing through the scenarios in my head. From the looks of these picks are these for sure queen cells? And if so is there any way to tell if they have hatched already or could...
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    Re: Moving a hive of bees

    Everything I read said that between 48-72 hours locked in a hive and the bees will re orient themselves. When I moved my hive the temps were in the 30's and 40's. I am assuming bees being...
  25. Re: Just when I thought things were looking up.

    That must be what happened. I spotted her on one frame and replaced it, then I shook all the bees off the frame I removed from the hive to make sure I didn't move her to the trap out hive. Must have...
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