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  1. Re: Missouri Environmental Public Health crack down

    Okay, Iíll play the devilís advocate:

    Say I produce 20 drums of honey. Now I am cheap and donít buy new food grade drums, but a guy on craigslist is selling burn barrels for cheap. Yeah they...
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    Re: telescoping vs migratory

    Actually telescoping covers work better for this. You flip the tele upside down and the first box you pull off, set it at 45 degrees rotation from the top. That way you don't crush bees and it...
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    Re: telescoping vs migratory

    Migratory covers also allow the hives to be stacked right against each other for transporting, hence migratory.
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    Re: Show us your honey labels!

    Our standard label (shown reversed on the muth jar to show back of label) ( the 1/2 pint jar is creamed honey)


    A special Label where we bottled some of our honey for sale where all...
  5. Re: Two general questions for seasoned beekeepers (for fun)

    Best advice: Buy at least 3 hive tools

    Second best: Never, never put your smoker on the floorboard of your truck (failed to heed this advice)

    Worst advice: Don't treat.
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    Re: Bear- Repellent


    Wife called me at 2:30 this afternoon. Bear was in our top bar hive. She ran it off. I went to tractor supply bought a 15 mile fence , 650' of portable wire, 12 plastic posts,...
  7. Re: Will bee roll test work with window screen rather than #8 Hardware cloth?

    Ace hardware usually carries it. At our local Ace, they will cut a section off for you so you do not have to buy a whole roll. look for 1/8" hardware cloth
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    Re: Non Bee Keeper Question

    It is my understanding that yellow jacket colonies die out each fall. As fall approaches, they produce many queens who will fly out and mate. Then these queens leave their parent colony and burrow...
  9. Re: Stupid question: how many beekeepers are scared of bees?

    Put some screen over the underside (the side that would be laying against the frames) of the hole you cut. That way the bees stay on the inside and can still get to the jar lid as it lays against...
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    Re: Homemade Extractor

    Yep, tht is an improvement on mine Frank...
  11. Re: Anyone Here From Australia Using Apithor For SHB

    I am not from Australia, nor have I used Apithor, But I try and talk with that accent from time to time...

    Active ingredient is Fipronil. Same thing used in Roach Motels. I imagine they work...
  12. Thread: Honey price

    by jbeshearse

    Re: Honey price

    You may want to weigh your jar before and after you fill it. Generally speaking a quart jar will be short of three pounds by a few ounces.
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    Re: Eating Pupae

    PMS: Parasitic Mite Syndrome
  14. Re: Feeding wild bees - wow, they sure drink alot!

    Feeding sugar syrup/water does absolutely nothing as far as aiding the bees in managing around a monocrop. Nectar is not usually the issue with monocrop, it is lack of pollen diversity. If you...
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    Re: Please Stop...

    Unfortunately, a lot of times the informative and true advice gets buried under the avalanche of poor and ill-conceived naive input wanting to help. Or worse, self-proclaimed experts claiming their...
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    Re: Please Stop...

    I am an expert.... lol :ws:
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    Re: Pest control sprayed my trap out

    If this was on the public property the city/county/etc was within their right to have the bees destroyed. If it was private, that is another scenario entirely. Did you have your Fl registration...
  18. Re: One Dead, another Critical, Arizona Bee Swarm

    It does a news publication good to accurately report the news, they are not there to pacify or incite.
    By your implied standards The following quote would be fine:

    "A Band of 100,000 Methodists...
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    Re: Neighbor complaint

    Aspects Nectar Guard Tips are used to easily make these feeders absolutely bee and wasp proof. Simply slide a tip onto the bottom of each food port of the Hummzinger Ultra, Hummzinger High View,...
  20. Re: One Dead, another Critical, Arizona Bee Swarm

    I can't believe that someone can die and some here are concerned about how the killer insects are described. I don't think this was written with the details of the bugs in mind.

    No, it is call...
  21. Re: One Dead, another Critical, Arizona Bee Swarm

    Geez, I really hate misreporting. All the newswires are picking this up and reporting a colony size of 800,000 bees. No doubt it was more likely 80,000. Why does it have to be so overstated. Like...
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    Re: New in Middle Tennessee

    Welcome Bobby.

    Short Mountain is a short toss from Underhill, where my Folks are from. I am in Florida now, but love the country up there around Smithville and KeltonBurg.
  23. Re: Found worms in my mite trap under the hive??? What are they?

    If they were on and in, they were most likely SHB larva. Wax moth larva tend to stay down in the cells. But that could be different with permacomb where they probably cannot penetrate through it,...
  24. One Dead, another Critical, Arizona Bee Swarm
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    Re: Beetle problem

    You can cut the wax out of the frames. Then clean them off with bleach water. Same with the hive bodies. If the wax is not too far gone you can re-use it also after rinsing and cleaning with...
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