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  1. Re: Beginners luck but confused on what, when, where...

    "Exploding out the entrances with bees" could be robbing. Are your entrances reduced to about half an inch? Sounds like you split that package pretty hard.
  2. Thread: Russian Bees

    by pgayle

    Re: Russian Bees

    What Frank said about the push in cage is right.

    I am really happy with my Russians. I have bought four Russian queens and still have three of those lines, the fourth being lost due to...
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    Re: Frame feeder VS top feeder

    I like the baggies too. I don't like to get into them too much in winter. I put a gallon baggie with 2:1 on the top bars, make a couple of half inch slits about 2/3 of the way up from the bottom. ...
  4. Re: Bees and Skunks: what is fact and what is folklore?

    So I guess nobody really knows the answer? So far all we have is a "They do SO!" "They do NOT!" discussion. I imagine it would be hard to document unless somebody wants to set up an infrared...
  5. Bees and Skunks: what is fact and what is folklore?

    I have been told since I first started beekeeping that the skunks chew the bees, suck out the sweetness, and spit them out, leaving the little "dip wads" in front of the colony.

    One of my...
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    Re: Gotta bee the sugar bricks.

    Last year I put sugar bricks on all; the cooked bricks not just the moist sugar+water formed into bricks. Some of the colonies didn't touch them all winter, and they were given to other colonies in...
  7. Re: To be treatment free, get treatment free bees to begin with

    I bought 2 Russians in 2009 and 2 Russian/VSH in 2010. I bought them from Velbert Williams:
    I'm not sure where he gets his breeder queens from. He is located...
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    Re: TF For 5 Seasons of More - Please Stand Up

    I am finishing sixth summer treatment free. As my second (and last) Italian colony was starting to look poorly in 2009 or 2010 I bought two Russian queens and that turned the corner. I also bought...
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    Re: Newbees, Mediums and AFB -- a cautionary tale

    It is available

    but I haven't actually tried ordering it
  10. Re: don't know whether to leave alone or try to help ( please help)

    Not sure of the hive beetle situation in North Carolina. Around here, pollen patties are a great way to grow a bumper crop of hive beetle larvae.
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    Re: Does fondant make it to the honey supers?

    Has anyone ever put food coloring in fondant and watched to see where it gets stored? I was thinking about making up some colored patties this fall.
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    Re: 1st Year Russian Hives

    I bought 2 russian queens in 2009 and 2 russian/vsh in 2010. I have not bought any queens since.

    Before the Russians, my 3 Italian colonies all died despite mite treatments. I did have one...
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    Re: Bee-z Smoker ... Any reviews?

    They do have a 30 day return policy. Will see..
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    Re: Bee-z Smoker ... Any reviews?

    Well, I've used it three times. The first time I put a small amount of fuel in because that's the way I understood the instructions.

    The fluffy pine shavings burn up fast and I kept having to...
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    Bee-z Smoker ... Any reviews?

    Has anyone bought one?

    I can see some use for it, the main one being the greatly diminished risk of setting something on fire besides your smoker fuel. The other is...
  16. any way to download "resource" articles as PDF?

    I clicked the "download now" button which was a junk PDF reader loaded with toolbars etc.
    Is it possible to print some of the articles for reading later?
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    Re: b2) Beginners Beekeeping Books

    Kim Flottum has a brand new revision of "The Backyard Beekeeper" just out on Amazon for about $15. The photographs are excellent and all in color. His writing is excellent as usual. I think it...
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    Re: Is the 2 feet/2 mile rule dead?

    Great advice if you have a forklift, or lots of beefy helpers and good ratchet straps. For the rest of us, taking boxes apart in the dark is asking for trouble. Especially if you are moving them in...
  19. Before swarm, when does the old queen quit laying?

    I know they quit feeding her and she quits laying. Is there any information on how long? Just curious.
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    Re: This may be a dumb question

    Are they still counting?? Last update to that map was 2011; maybe it takes that long to run the data.

    And how are they determining AHB? Morphology not ideal, neither is mitochondrial DNA.
  21. Re: Treatment free success or failure: what makes the difference?

    Some speculation that I've heard is that the "beginner's luck" is a combination of things.. starting out on new equipment with little or no old comb, etc. That would favor the first year beginners. ...
  22. Re: Dry Ice/Ozone for killing beetles in frames waiting to be extracted.

    Let me know if it works. I still worry about the eggs.. not sure how tough they are; same for moth eggs. If it works, will be a great method for fall storage.
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    Re: Russian bees and the constant drought

    I don't do varroa mite treatments. My Russian-lineage bees do tend to shut down during a dearth. So there is a natural break in the brood cycle which helps control varroa. I left plenty of honey...
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    Re: Bee Escape as SHB trap?

    Here are the pictures. The hive itself is the "bait". The original model I saw had a little "door" built into the frame so you could open it and dump the beetles out. Obviously an 8 mesh screened...
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    Re: Bee Escape as SHB trap?

    Someone at our club made what looks like a good trap. I have not tried it. What it amounts to is a double screened inner cover, made of regular mesh wire window screen. The frame is maybe 1/2 inch...
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