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  1. Re: Moving bees from bait hive to bee yard on same property

    Thanks, I think I'll use boards up against the front, and maybe some brush too. It is pretty hot here most of the time, with fairly high humidity. I wouldn't want to confine them for more than a...
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    Re: If You Could Only Keep 3 Things...

    In order of importance (I think):
    1. veil
    2. smoker
    3. hive tool

    I also wear gloves and a long sleeved shirt, but this is all I usually need. I list veil first, because of safety. If you use...
  3. Moving bees from bait hive to bee yard on same property

    I have a good location for a bait hive on my property--I've caught three there just this year. The problem I run into is moving them to my bee yard, which is about 1,000 feet away. The last time I...
  4. Re: Does anybody use wintergreen oil in their beekeeping practices

    I know I'm 5 years late, but I was searching to verify something I just read: "Every man scrambled into his veil, and anointed his hands with the oil of wintergreen—the one abiding terror of...
  5. Re: Do glass (mason) jars need to be covered (as kept inside an empty deep box)???

    This is how I feed with migratory covers. The holes are cut with a 2-3/4" hole saw. Note how the feeder is towards the back and not centered over where the brood probably is.
  6. Re: Don't chop down a tree to get to a swarm

    Don't cut down trees to get a swarm--it makes the park ranger very angry and you get in a lot of trouble ;) Buy one of those bee whistles instead.
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    Re: Suggestions for children's program

    Thanks everyone, lots of good ideas and info.
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    Suggestions for children's program

    Our association has been asked by the local library to put on a program about honey bees, for children about ages 5-13. We won't be teaching how to keep bees, just about bees and beekeeping. I was...
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    Age of workers producing wax?

    My understanding is from the age of 12-17 days workers produce wax. Are they unable to produce wax after that age? I've never had problems with package bees building comb. If there were no bees...
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    Re: How many is too many?

    I saw this posted on another forum. I can't vouch for the accuracy, just thought I'd pass this along:

    "Figuring out how many hives an area can support can be difficult. But there is a method...
  11. Using Bt (Xentari) on frames with pollen or bee bread

    I have a couple of dead-out hives with lots of drawn comb. The empty frames I'm spraying with Bt (Xentari brand). However it occurred to me maybe I shouldn't spray frames which contain pollen or...
  12. Re: What Beekeeping Goodies did Santa Drop Off?

    Got a 2015 edition of The Hive and the Honey Bee. I've been waiting a couple of years for a new edition. A lot has changed since 1992.
  13. Re: Question about Michael Bush's top entrance shims and reducing entrance.

    I normally use no entrance reducers in winter on my top entrance hives. The last picture is from last winter. I had a shim on with solid sugar cake and actually had some robbing in January. That...
  14. Re: Question about Michael Bush's top entrance shims and reducing entrance.

    I use #8 hardware cloth on mine. The easiest way is to form it into a wedge shape and stick it in. The length is easily changed by first folding it over....
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    Re: Advantech nuc cover test

    I think they would be heavier than I would want. And the edges of the Advantech probably wouldn't hold up as good to a hive tool. But you never know til you try.
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    Re: Advantech nuc cover test

    I've got migratory-style hive covers made of Advantech, primed and painted. They are starting their second winter and look as good as new. We've had the wettest year I can remember since I started...
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    Re: Top entrance

    I knew top entrances were a good idea for some time now. Recently I came across the science to explain why: water vapor has a specific gravity of 0.62, compared to 1.00 for air. Water vapor will...
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    Re: ebook free download

    Most I would assume no, since they are too new. Check to find lots of free books. You can search for specific titles, or keywords. Also Google Books has titles to view or download. ...
  19. Re: Bear fence alternative - radio station???

    My experience isn't with bears and bee hives, but with corn and deer and/or coons. I had something get in and eat a lot of corn one night. Before the next night came I had a radio tuned to a talk...
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    Re: Suit VS Jacket

    If I'm not going to be in the hives for an extended period of time, I wear a long-sleeved white shirt one size larger than what I would normally wear. I also wear a veil with drawstrings and gloves...
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    Re: Refractometer question

    Thanks--sounds like I got the wrong one. I will be returning it.
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    Refractometer question

    I got my new refractometer in the mail today. The instructions said to calibrate it to zero by using distilled water. I put a couple drops of water on the plate, and sure enough the line where blue...
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    Re: Top entrance hive question

    I use a migratory style cover with no inner cover. Here is how I feed syrup (the hole size is 2-3/4"):

    In winter I put sugar...
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    Re: Beekeeping is legal in Florida

    Wow, how many times was the word "swarm" or a variation of it used in that article? An inflammatory term tossed around by the uneducated. It sounds like the mere presence of the bees is what's...
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    Re: Most lucrative way to sell wax

    Per pound the easiest and probably highest return I have seen was a lady who sold these little dollup-sized bits of wax molded in the shape of a flower. Only 50 cents each, but could get dozens from...
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