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    Re: JZ BZ and cages

    Graft into the Nicot cups-- then you could use the hair roller cages.
  2. Re: Replace the queen of quick and simple way : is it true?

    One spring I had a dozen extra cells and no queenless nucs to put them in so I selected random hives with older queens (old queens were marked, 1-3 years old). I put the cells in the brood nest in...
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    Re: Formic Acid Flash Treatment

    to finish my post: but the sister mites in the same cell may not be killed--if that would happen and the sister mites had not been bred would that be their last chance to reproduce? Any thoughts?
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    Re: Formic Acid Flash Treatment

    Since it is well known that formic treatments can penetrate capped brood and kill female mites, I would think the further the capped brood is from the formic pad the less chance any mites would be...
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    Re: How long will a queen live in a cage

    I've had 100% luck requeening hives when I smash the old queen on the screen of the cage of the new queen before putting the cage in. No need to go back the next day.
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    Re: When to apply Nematodes for SHB control

    I have been researching predatory nematodes for grubs and in the process have been surprised by the pests they will attack, such as fleas, ants and anything that crawls around in the soil. Some...
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    Re: Engineers and Bees

    BS in Animal Science. It only takes an hour or two of computer work, telephone calls, or paperwork in this complicated world before I need to get some "bee therapy" to wind down and remember what's...
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    Re: Got my Class A CDL learner's permit today

    Been hearing that there is a new federal mandate that all drivers with CDLs need to fill out a Medical Self-Certification Affidavit or they will have to re-take the CDL test to reinstate their CDL...
  9. Re: Trapping yellowjackets.....what worked for me.

    My recipe is 1 teaspoon sugar to 1 cup apple juice with a splash of vinegar (to prevent honey bees from getting in trap) and a squirt of liquid dish soap (to kill the YJs quicker). Adding even more...
  10. Re: 10 acres of Pumpkins in full bloom, Amish soaking them with Sevin!?!?!!!!!

    Sevin XLR Plus may be an alternative spray. It can be sprayed in the evening and once it is dry is non-toxic to honeybees. It is effective for chewing insects. I'm not sure how squash bugs harm...
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