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    Re: Maxant 1400 ball bearing size?

    Thanks for the answer(s).

    My wife said to get two, she doesn't want to be blamed again!
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    Maxant 1400 ball bearing size?

    I am missing (lost) the ball bearing that the basket reel sits on in the bottom of my Maxant 1400 extractor.

    I told my wife I am blaming her. She said she never even goes in my honey house, how...
  3. Re: User Accounts With No Activity Get Deleted

    Although you have your reasons...

    I signed up in 2002 and read the site almost everyday.
    When I read, I always note the poster join date and pay more attention to long time member's posts than...
  4. Thread: Honey prices

    by whix

    Re: Honey prices

    I tell people who complain about the price, sure you can buy cheap honey, but you can't buy MINE.
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    I don't want to get any bigger.

    How do you manage to NOT expand your colony numbers every year?
    I just want to stick with the 50ish colonies that I am keeping now.
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    Re: When to winter the bees

    I wrap my bees in late October or early November.
    I treat with an Oxalic Acid drench and wrap with tar paper the same day. I use about an inch or two of old newspapers on the top as insulation and...
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    Re: Questions about oxalic acid drizzling

    Look here, it answers all your questions but #3.
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    Re: How not to Harvest Honey....

    You, also, are still on your way.

    My bees are stingless. They migrate south for the winter and always return just as the first flowers start blooming.
    They don't have just nurse bees they have...
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    Re: Cleaning up wet supers

    Would that work for uncapped crystalized frames of honey?
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    Re: f) Is there a standard for nucs?

    The Ontario Beekeepers' Association has a "nuc buyers guide".

    The Ontario Bee Breeders Association attempted to standardize the definition of a nuc some years ago and came up with the following...
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    Re: Cowen Uncapper question

    I haven't used it yet, other than running empty comb through, but if (when) I have problems I'll be back asking for help in the fall.

    I think the machine has probably been updated because I got a...
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    Re: % of honey for local

    I have seldom produced as much honey as I can sell. I wish I could.
    Markets are hard to find, you can't say, "Sorry, I ran out," you would lose them as a customer.

    To keep my markets supplied,...
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    Cowen Uncapper question

    I acquired an old cast aluminum Cowen uncapper with serrated knifes heated with hot water.
    How many drawn frames should I use in standard 10 frame Langstroth honey supers for the best results with...
  14. Re: Just unwrapped my hives and I have too much syrup due to the mild winter.

    I take back my tip.

    I checked my three yards and when I saw them bearded out I unwrapped all but the weak ones. I did leave the newspaper insulation on under the lid though. If we do get a cold...
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    Re: March 20th in Ontario

    The maple trees are blooming.
    Usually it is too cold for the bees to work them.
  16. Re: Just unwrapped my hives and I have too much syrup due to the mild winter.

    Put them back the way they were, wrap them back up and leave them for another month.
    I won't unpack mine till mid/late April and if I reverse it will be in early May.
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    Re: recoating wax on plastic foundations

    Last year I bought 4 cartons of pierco one piece medium frames.
    I had good intentions of coating them with wax and even made a start.
    I brushed on melted wax with a foam brush (they don't last, use...
  18. Thread: More important ?

    by whix

    Re: More important ?

    Write the plan.
    Post your plan in each hive.
    Insist they all sign a contract.
    Demand the bees follow it to the letter.
    Demand no labour strikes and a minimum amount of honey needed to fulfill...
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    Do you manage the hive or the yard?

    This question is to those of you with many colonies in many yards.
    Do you equalize all colonies to the same strength so that every colony gets treated the same way at the same time?
    Do you manage...
  20. Re: What would a large operation need for extraction?

    To get an idea of how many hives you would need for 4000 medium supers-
    How many supers do you have for 700 hives?
    How many times do you pull your honey?
  21. Re: Change in import regs for live bees from NZ to Canada?

    We closed the border to US bees in the early 1980's.

    Borders are closed because they have something we don't have...yet.
    North America closed it's borders to Europe in the 1920s because they had...
  22. Re: How Would I Identify American Foulbrood in Unused Comb?

    Definition taken from your forum:
    "Treatment: A substance introduced by the beekeeper into the hive with the intent of killing, repelling, or inhibiting a pest or disease afflicting the bees".

  23. Re: How Would I Identify American Foulbrood in Unused Comb?

    He can't, that would be considered a treatment.
  24. Re: Commercial beekeeping and the historical decreasing use of harsh to soft treatmen

    I am not a commercial beekeeper but I have kept bees since 1981, long before the mites came to my area. I used to order packages from the southern states until tracheal mites where found there and...
  25. Re: made a mistake with my supers now not sure what to

    I store my supers wet now but I have given them back to be cleaned up years ago.
    When I did give them back I put an empty super on the inner cover and then piled up the wet supers above.
    That will...
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