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    Re: Price Apiaries

    Statewide pollination services available. All crops. Watermelons, cantoloupes, pumpkins, cucumbers, Blueberries, etc.

    RC's Honey Bees, LLC
    600 Cabernet Drive
    Clinton, MS 39056...
  2. Re: Super Thick honey foam during processing

    When I extracted most was capped, but some was uncapped. I don't remember the exact % of uncapped, but I try not to take the uncapped when I harvest the honey. If a frame isn't mostly capped I tend...
  3. Re: Super Thick honey foam during processing

    Follow up question. I'm going to get the moisture content checked, but I do "smell" a slight "sour" or alcohol type smell. I've never had fermentation in honey before but could it be that? How do...
  4. Re: Super Thick honey foam during processing

    Used uncapping roller, no knife.
  5. Re: Super Thick honey foam during processing

    I had spun when it was warm but am bottling several months later and the honey is cool. I let it sit out in the sun all day to get warm and then bottle at night. I'll be trying what Charlie B...
  6. Re: Super Thick honey foam during processing

    I use three levels of seives - small metal, super small plastic, and nylon panty hose. I'm pretty anal and don't remember there being any brood. I'll definitely pay really, really close to the...
  7. Re: Super Thick honey foam during processing

    Does it matter whether the light bulb is underneath the bucket or over it?
  8. Super Thick honey foam during processing

    All -

    I've been beekeeping for a short time and have never encountered this situation, i.e. I pulled some of my 5 gallon buckets full of honey from the spring harvest this year and poured them...
  9. Do I need to use "shim" or super when applying Apiguard

    Hey guys -

    I've been trying not to treat my hives for Varroa mites but the majority of my hives should a significant increase this year and have way exceeding my threshold for treating. I'm going...
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    Re: Why is Honey Granulating?

    Thanks for the replies...
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    Why is Honey Granulating?

    Quick question, why is honey granulating in my plastic 1lb bottles? I'm a beekeeping in Central Mississippi and starting carrying around honey in my truck as it seemed every time I was out someone...
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    Re: Not sure what killed my hive???

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    1 and 2) I live in Central MS and use screen bottom boards as it doesn't normally get very cold down here. I say that because now we're dipping into the low 20's which...
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    Not sure what killed my hive???

    I just discovered a hive loss at my bee yard in Clinton, MS. Very curious, though, as there are no honey stores, very little nectar stores, less than a dozen dead bees, two capped queen cells,...
  14. Re: Is AdvanTech sheathing safe to use in hives

    Thanks Guys, I appreciate the quick feedback.
  15. Is AdvanTech sheathing safe to use in hives

    A buddy of mine is in commercial construction and has recommended Advantech sheathing versus pine boards and plywood. The longevity and strength of the material is awesome. He's seen boards exposed...
  16. Re: What to do - Honey Bound in the fall?

    Yes. All queen cells had larva and were capped. There were/are additional queen cups but they hadn't been capped yet. A couple had eggs most didn't.
  17. What to do - Honey Bound in the fall?

    I'm a very inexperienced BeeKeeper. I've been "tightning" up my hives in preparation for winter. From the stores collected it looks like my area had a decent flow this fall. I've reduced my hives...
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    Re: Fall / Pre-Winter --> Feeding

    Thanks for all the feedback guys.
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    Fall / Pre-Winter --> Feeding

    I've been reading about feeding bees for the fall and fall/pre-winter management. I've been getting alot of opinions, viewpoints, etc, and some are conflicting. I live in Central Mississippi so...
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    Re: Queens are not laying

    Thanks for the comments/advice gscforester. Anyone else care to comment?
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    Re: mit check frequency

    Early spring, early summer, and late summer is when I do it.
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    Re: New bottom board question

    I wouldn't trust a sticky board count to get an accurate count of Varroa mites. I'd do a powdered sugar test where you sample about 200 bees and then count the mites that fall off the bees. I...
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    Re: What are they doing?

    For what's it worth, I had setup some "wet" frames after extracting too close to one of my hives and you would have thought I started world war III. There were bees everywhere and for some reason...
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    Queens are not laying

    Newbie question - I've got nine hives and two weeks ago one of my queens stopped laying eggs. No larva since. I have the same situation showing up in a second hive. The first hive had built up to...
  25. What Perentage of Varroa Mite Investation should one begin to treat a hive?

    I'm using the sugar shake method to identify and quantify my Varroa Mite levels. Does anyone know at what levels we should begin treatment? Also, I'm assuming if you know this you'd got some good...
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