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  1. Re: Ordered Russian packages, they gave me Italians

    Thanks all for the info. I think I'll stick with my plan of re-queening one or two of my new packages, but I'll keep a few of the Italian colonies around for comparison. I'm going to look into...
  2. Ordered Russian packages, they gave me Italians

    I've been keeping bees a few years, have only had Russians. I ordered a few packages of Russians this spring from Miller Bee to replace some of my winter losses. Went to pick up the bees yesterday...
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    Re: Two hives down only two to Go!!!

    It's bad here too. We went into winter with 9 hives, lost 2 early on, then another 4 by February. All had plenty of stores, but the first few deadouts seemed to be caught off guard by the cold and...
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    Re: Absconding vs CCD, what to do now...

    I just lost two hives and I'm trying to figure out if my bees absconded due to Apiguard, mites, robbing, or some combination of those. I had been treating them with Apiguard for about 3 weeks (half...
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    Re: Lost my Hive...........Need your thoughts

    Sorry about your hive. I lost my first year hive as well, and it's a horrible feeling seeing all those dead bees. My deadout prompted me to join my local bee club, and a beekeeper there offered to...
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    Re: Pa pollen in mid-Feb...?

    I'm in northern frederick co maryland, near the PA border and I've noticed the same thing with the bright yellow pollen. I haven't been able to find the source yet. My first hive died last winter so...
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