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    Re: Anyone else keepng a log book?

    I take a spiral notebook out to the hives to "scribble" down notes and what is going on with each bar. When I get back in the house, I transfer some of the more important notes over to the...
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    Re: Queen cells on a drone frame?

    I don't think queen cells from drone brood is very common. I just happened to experience it myself this spring when my only hive decided to replace their queen in Feb. Michael Bush was the one to...
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    Re: Queen cells on a drone frame?

    The second picture looks like you are foundationless, correct? If so, are you calling it a "drone frame" just based on the number of drone brood? My foundationless TBH has large patches of drone...
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    Re: Proper Queen Introduction?

    I tried the push in cage for introducing a queen and the bees ate through the foundationless comb to get to her and killed her (turns out there was a newly mated queen in the hive that I never saw). ...
  5. author Christy Hemenway will be presenting in Virginia Beach, VA on September 7, 2014

    McDonald Garden Center will be hosting author and speaker, Christy Hemenway (The Thinking Beekeeper) on Sunday, September 7, 2014 2-4PM, for a presentation of "How and Why to Keep Bees in a top bar...
  6. Re: Robbing! What is the best time of day to feed and not set off robbing?

    I have read to feed them in the hive at dusk and only an amount that they will consume before sun up. Sounds pretty labor intensive to me, but I agree that every hive counts this year.
  7. Re: Is this TBH too small for backyard? Realistic to have just 1-2 hives?

    for the first year, you will probably be fine. The second year, you will need to do something to prevent a swarm or two from leaving your hive. If you don't want to be in the bee business, I'd...
  8. Re: hive beatles, how to treat w/o chemicals?

    I use diatomaceous earth on the solid board, which is underneath the screened bottom board. Make sure the bees don't have access to it.
  9. New Topbar and Warre Hive book. Has anyone read it?

    Has anyone seen the inside of this new book to know if it is worth buying? Care of Bees in Warre and Top Bar Hive Paperback June 20, 2014
    by Joe Bleasdale
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    Re: No luck making queens

    ditto to above comments. I pull the queen from the hive to a nuc. Allow her hive to make queen cells and cap them. (I'm running foundationless topbar so I don't need to notch anything as the comb...
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    Re: How much to harvest?

    Last year, when I started my TBH, I was told that I needed 14 bars of capped honey. Bees only drew out 10 bars since I got them late in the season, and even then by spring they still had a ton of...
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    Re: Buying Healthy Bees?

    My first batch of bees was a nuc from a local beekeeper. I'd always recommend a nuc for a first time beekeeper. The second year, because the nuc program in our local clubs was so far behind in...
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    Re: Is this goldenrod pollen?

    Astrobee, did you ever get some dark brown or almost black pollen? Had some coming in around the first part of July and never could figure out what it was. I'm hoping to retrofit one of my top bar...
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    Is this goldenrod pollen?

    I took this picture this weekend of my girls hauling in the pollen. I was guessing it was crepe myrtle pollen since that is the only thing blooming here in great numbers. But someone else posted...
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    Re: brood in honey.

    typically any large patches of brood are cut out before the honey is extracted. I would think the occasional bee brood isn't really a problem, as they eat them in some parts of the world. I just...
  16. Re: what size hardware cloth for screened bottom

    When I scrape the propalis off the top bars, I just let it fall into the hive for them to reuse. I have #8 SBB that has an IPM board underneath and I am finding where they are reworking that fallen ...
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    Re: fallen comb

    I tried Rader's trick. I found that unless the comb was butted up against the top bar that the bees were not too interested in it. It ended up being taken over by small hive beetles. I have had...
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    Re: Laying worker advice needed please

    I would give her some time and wait to see how the laying pattern is going. Sounds to me like you have a laying queen at this point. If the bees don't like her, they will sense that and supersede...
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    Re: Nothing special, just bees!

    looking good! can't wait to inspect my hives and nucs tomorrow. I always tell myself to take more pictures so I can look at them later, and then I forget.
  20. Re: What to do with frames with SHB if hive dies?

    I lost a nuc a few weeks ago to SHB. The worst of the comb went in the trash can. These were the ones that had dead capped brood and hundreds of SHB larvae. But 2 bars only had a small amount of...
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    Re: Trouble developing this week

    looking at the timeline, it could be that your new queen is just getting started. Did you locate her? I'd give her maybe 2 more weeks to kick it into high gear. If things still aren't up to snuff...
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    Re: Sugar water in honey super mistake

    Congrats on taking the plunge into beekeeping. It's an enjoyable hobby. Your first year is all about the bees getting the comb drawn out so they have something to fill up with nectar. So it wasn't...
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    Re: I have a problem

    when I harvest a bar, I cut it off onto a plate at the hive and then start walking around the other side of the house. Majority of the bees at the hive go for the cut bar as it is returned to the...
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    Re: varroa lifespan

    Following this thread...I plan to do sugar rolls this weekend to measure the amount of mites in each of my hives. 2 have been queenless for about 3 weeks as they raise a new queen, so that should...
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    Re: Sting on a scar! Ouch!

    wow. sorry to hear about that. apitherapy books say bee stings to scars are supposed to help them heal and not be so stiff. I was going to try stinging the scar from my hip replacement surgery,...
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