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  1. Re: Moved frame of brood up. Was that right?

    Like HC said, they are getting ready to make a lot of babies, and the stores will suddenly disappear.
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    Re: Southerners: 1 or 2 deeps for winter?

    I am way south of you and can easily winter in one deep, but even I prefer two deeps, because they maintain a higher population during winter, have enough food stores so I don't have to constantly...
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    Re: hive doing nothing

    If many drone cells capped, I'd do the shake-out, otherwise a newspaper combine would be my choice, good luck.
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    Re: hive doing nothing

    If you are sure they don't have a heavy mite problem or any disease, I would recommend a newspaper combine with another colony, I have seen colonies that were like that when there was no queen, and...
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    Re: Should I relocate the brood's nest?

    If you have a bottom entrance, they are doing what the majority of feral bees do, and that's to start at the top and work down. But if you wanted to, you could just place that box on the bottom, and...
  6. Re: Moldy Bee's in Drawn Out Foundation. Will new bee's clean them out

    They should clean them up, why not stick a frame in your strongest hive and check in a day.? You probably already know this but I'll repeat it anyway, dead bees in the cells with their butts sticking...
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    Re: What species of honey bee did I catch?

    Seldom do we catch a swarm that is pure genetics of any certain strain or race. But your bees look like Italians to me.
  8. Re: Colony with one box is full. Do I add a new brood box will all frames?

    I would move two frames in the middle bottom straight up like frames 4 and 6, replace with two empties.JMO
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    Re: Need a little help... New colonies

    One box for sure, I've even started placing new starter colonies in five frame boxes just because they do so much better in a smaller space, I have to watch them close or they'll outgrow them and...
  10. Re: Put 2nd Box with Foundationless Frames on Today - What to Expect?

    A couple of options. I would cut the comb out of one of the foundationless deeps and install it in a medium, placing that frame in the middle of the super. Two ways to attach the comb, one is with...
  11. Re: what dimensions should bottom hardware cloth be?

    Get it in three to four days from Amazon, about 27.00 for three by ten foot. Ace hardware sometimes has it, otherwise it is rather hard for me to find. You can use regular window screen for a few...
  12. Re: Bayer Spokesperson Talks about Pesticides and Bees on r/science

    To Nabber86 and brettj777-- I offered an opinion indicating I am selective about whose information I give credence to, that is my right to do so. Your liberal use of crass language such as stupid...
  13. Re: Bayer Spokesperson Talks about Pesticides and Bees on r/science

    I'd rather ask the scientists in Europe that studied the effects of the Bayer products, in controlled tests for a prolonged period, than to ask a biased employee of the manufacture. No offense to...
  14. Re: Bayer Spokesperson Talks about Pesticides and Bees on r/science

    Kinda reminds me of asking the fox how many chickens are left in the henhouse, to ask a Bayer spokesperson about the effects of their products on bees.
  15. Re: Can you go treatment free after treating?

    You could, but would be better to find someone that has done TF for a few years and get some bees from them, you could even just requeen with TF queens. Be worth the few dollars you'd spend. (This is...
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    Re: Queen not laying

    My sister in Thomasville Ga. called today saying one of her queens was not laying, that she was walking around checking out the cells but not laying, my advice was to mark her so she'd be easy to...
  17. Re: When to increase the opening on the entrance reducer?

    All very good input on traffic flow and entrance size, but there is one more consideration not mentioned, the nectar flow, I can put out some sugar water and the bees will hardly touch it during a...
  18. Re: Anyone have the link to Walter T. Kelley's Foundationless Frames?

    You want the F style frames, I order lots of 100, they are much cheaper, they used to have free shipping over one hundred dollars, now it's gone up to one hundred fifty, I just go ahead and stock up...
  19. Re: Building comb opposite end of entrance is this normal?

    I assume this is a top bar hive box, since you are speaking of bars, if so, what they are doing is normal. I will inspect my TBH boxes to assure they are building from the back toward the front, if...
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    Re: Who Re-Queens After the Summer Solstice?

    I like for my strong spring colonies to shut down in summer, it saves on sugar cost, gives me a chance to do an OAV treatment when broodless if needed, the queen will start raising the winter bees in...
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    Re: Who Re-Queens After the Summer Solstice?

    If I implied that I do post solstice queens because they are better than spring queens, I didn't mean to. I do it because I need to increase my numbers, and have found that a new queen does lay more...
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    Re: Who Re-Queens After the Summer Solstice?

    I like to make splits to increase my numbers after the solstice, but have found the heat makes it hard to do, this year I plan to put them in the shade and see how they do. I have been running all...
  23. Re: How long until hive realizes it is Queenless

    I think the safest and less intrusive remedy would be to add a frame of open brood every week ( if you have them ) until a queen or queen cells show up, I think you'll find you have a laying queen...
  24. Re: How to manage the back filling in the brood nest

    Ditto-- Just give them room to work , checkerboard with drawn comb if you have it, with empties if you don't.
  25. Re: Hive swarmed - one queen cell left, should I wait or try to requeen?

    Your best option is to just wait until time for a new queen to start laying, and if she doesn't, get a new queen, I take it you have only the one hive, otherwise you could add a frame of eggs and...
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