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  1. Re: Saw a queen hatch from a cell today

    You could always try to sell a few to pay for more wood ware.
  2. Re: Burr comb inside top feeder - need advice on removal

    I would prob leave it alone until you take it off. Then use a teapot or something similar to pour over the burr comb. The wax will be washed away.
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    Re: I think I have a laying worker...

    >There are two possibilities at this point. They may be trying to raise a queen from eggs from a new queen. They also may be trying to raise queens from drone eggs.

    I have a similar situation...
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    2 queens, 1 nuc

    I recently split a colony 3 ways, giving 4 frames each to 2 nucs and 8 frames to the 3rd. After a week, I went into the nuc which housed the original queen. Everything looked good. Found her and...
  5. Re: I sustained an injury from beekeeping.

    Do you mean, "for people to mean what they POST"?
  6. Re: Beekeepers stand up and be counted

    So if your lot is perfectly square and hives were placed smack in the middle, the dimensions of the lot would have to be greater than 400x400.... Or 3.67 acres. That would be enough to put me out of...
  7. Thread: Ccd?

    by hotlanta_buckeye

    Re: Ccd?

    I was not feeding but spring is already full swing in GA. They had some capped honey as well. I went to take a closer look this AM and noticed a handful of dead bees on the bottom board that were...
  8. Thread: Ccd?

    by hotlanta_buckeye


    I had a very weak hive that I requeened and stuck in a nuc box 3 weeks ago. She was quickly accepted and was laying eggs within days. All seemed well until I went to check on them last night....
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    Re: Virgin Queens in Packages?

    Willie, I have a similar situation in a package I installed earlier this month. The queen was released 17 days ago and has yet to lay an egg. I have read that if a virgin queen is held captive for...
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    Re: Dying swarm.

    I got the call 2 days later and went the same day.
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    Re: Dying swarm.

    Thanks for all the feedback. I guess I was wondering if it could be anything besides spraying? The swarm is literally 50' off the ground and I've not seen any home pesticide sprayer that can shoot...
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    Dying swarm.

    I got a call Monday morning for a swarm that the homeowner noticed Saturday evening. By the time I got there Monday night, the bees were just falling from the swarm 1 by 1. Over a thousand bees had...
  13. Re: Intermingling plastic frames with foundationless frames

    I have provided frames of plastic in a few hives where the bees drew adjacent comb too far toward the plastic for them to be able to utilize the plastic frame. Bee space was not vertical and working...
  14. Re: Would you consider adding stratiolaelaps scimitus a treatment?

    Interesting article that is posted on Salt Spring Island Beekeepers web page:
  15. Re: Equipment Identification HELP needed....What is it?

    My guess would be a top entrance for winter, when snow accumulation is expected to block the bottom entrance. The box would keep the bees from having to heat a larger space and any cold condensation...
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    Re: What birds eat honeybees?

    Trying to keep the birds in your yard from eating bees is the beekeeping equivalent to the war on drugs.........
    Save your ammo for the bears!
  17. Re: A little warmer....... a lot of activity!!

    I lived in Irmo for 5 years. Just moved in 2011.
  18. A little warmer....... a lot of activity!!

    It is 63 today and the girls were out and even managed to find a little pollen.
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