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    pollen patties and honey supers

    On the package of pollen patties I got from Brushy Mountain it says to remove honey supers. Does anyone know why? They have honey bee healthy is that why? Thanks.
  2. Re: ejecting workers with deformed wing virus

  3. Re: ejecting workers with deformed wing virus

    Thanks for the comnents. I do check mites and I am treating. The thing I am curious about is the ejecting of the sick. Has anyone heard of thism I dont remember reading or hearing about it. Thanks.
  4. ejecting workers with deformed wing virus

    Recently I have noticed an odd behavior in my hive. On three separate occasions I've seen what looked like a worker removing a dead bee from the hive. As I looked closer though I could see that it...
  5. Thread: Queen release

    by Redwards

    Queen release

    My package queen died and monday the replacement came. They were queenless more than a week. How many days should I wait to pull the cork?
  6. Thread: Dead queen

    by Redwards

    Dead queen

    I started my package 4 weeks ago. In a foundationless medium 8 frame hive. A little over aweek ago I found the queen dead on the ground in front of the hive. I called for a replacement but it didnt...
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    Re: Crush and Strain: Will this work?

    If you have time and a clean room to let it work can you uncap a foundationless frame and let the honey drip out so you can save the drawn out comb?
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    Re: Badly made medium cyprus boxes.

    Good point about the tree I suppose. Boy you just can't make a spelling mistake anywhere.
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    Re: pH of nectar and sugar syrup

    Thanks for some good info and comments.
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    pH of nectar and sugar syrup

    I have read and heard that some people lower the pH of the sugar syrup they feed their bees (ie Michael Bush) to more closely mimic the pH of honey by adding vitamin C or viniger. This makes a lot...
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    Mouse guard/entrance reducer

    I am a newbee and got one of the metal mouse guard/entrance reducers to put on my hive when I start it. I have seen videos and pictures of people using them year round not just for the winter. Sounds...
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    Badly made medium cypress boxes.

    I am a newbee so maybe I just don't know any better but I was surprised by my first shipment of boxes from Brushy Mountain. When I stack them up they don't fit together well. Some have horizontal...
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    Treatment free packages.

    Does anyone have any apiary they can recomend for treatment free natural cell bee packages?
  14. Has anyone bought a package from Gold Star Honeybees?

    I was looking into getting untreated natural cell bees in a package. Has anyone done business with Gold Star, and are they a good company to buy from?
  15. Perco Drone frames in foundationless hive

    I am a newbe starting with a package in the spring. I am going to use medium and foundationless. I plan on using the green perco drone brood frames (Cut down to medium size). Should I put them into...
  16. Re: Using Honey-B-Healthy, is it still treatment free?

    That is one thing I really wanted to know; that it kills benificial microbes. It seems that that wouldn't be worth any benifits.
  17. Re: Should a 3 pound package be started in 1 or 2 mediums?

    Thanks everyone.
  18. Re: Using Honey-B-Healthy, is it still treatment free?

    Thanks everyone, I checked out the sticky today and saw that the answer was there, ha. But to tell the truth I like having input from others; I think that's what this is for. Thanks
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    Size of the bee yard.

    I will be starting my first hive in the spring and to avoid neighbor issues I am building a small bee yard. I am planning on using wooden privacy fence 6 feet high to get the girls flying nice and...
  20. Should a 3 pound package be started in 1 or 2 mediums?

    I will be starting a package in the spring and using all 8 frame mediums. Should I start out in just the first box or should I put 2 on? Thanks.
  21. Using Honey-B-Healthy, is it still treatment free?

    I am a newbe and am planning for my bees in the spring. I want to give my package every help I can and thought about adding Honey-B-Healthy to the syrup while I am feeding them. Does that really...
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    Re: new packages in foundationless frames

    I am a newbe too and was planning to use foundationless mediums. Does anyone have an opinion on using a couple of perco drone comb frames (cut down to medium size) in the box to help them start out...
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