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  1. Feeder for top bar feeder has anyone tried this?

    I seen a guy on youtube that built a top bar hive and put his feeder on top of the divider board. The way he made it was a double wall end board and drilled a top hole for the mason jar to set on top...
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    What size screen for the bottom of tbh.

    Where did you purchase your screen for the bottom of your hive? I went to lowes homeimprovement store and looked at there screen but the screens looked to tight. What size? I did pick up some plastic...
  3. How wide should the top bars be? And how many honey and broad bars?

    I am building a top bar hive how wide should they be. The ones I have started are 24 inches long and 1 1/2. Cab I just make them all 1 1/2 long? What is the purpose of have them different sizes? I...
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    Dadant bee suit?

    How good are Dadant bee suit? I can't afford a golden bee suit? So for around 80.00 where can I get a good suit? Thanks for your response.
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    Top bar hive entrance front or side?

    Which one is better front or side entrance to the top bar hive? With building a top bar hive and having front entrance do you still need to make dividers for the front and back or just the back? Also...
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    Hello from Texas

    I am a newbie is there anyone in the DFW area that could help with some starting points. Or let come and see your hives? So you could give me some ideas? Thanks for your help.
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