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    Re: planers

    I have been runnig the Dewalt 13 for a number of years and have recently been planing a lot of rough lumber. I switched to the spiral cutter head $275 I think from eBay and it has made all the...
  2. Re: Why doesn't everybody make their own equipment?

    I bought 10ea 1x8x10's for $99. locally and spent three hours in the shop and made 16 mediums, dovetailed and hammered together. I glue the handholds on the outside (easier for me to handle). Deeps...
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    Re: Dewalt Stapler for frames?

    I don't remember the number but I bought a medium crown DeWalt pneumatic stapler 2 years ago and it works great with 7/16ths by 2" staples. The don't pull out as easily as did the ones I used a 1/4"...
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    Re: Why do you keep bees?

    My dad and I had wanted to keep bees for years but never did much about it until my mom developed lung cancer. She told me to find something that would keep my dad busy and out of her hair. Sounded...
  5. Poll: Re: "Newbie Question" Should I get FERALS BEES from local beekeeper or not. Please He

    I have 6 feral and 4 Italian and the ferals are great!! My 3 yo son helps collecting swarms. He picks them up on his finger and carries them to the hive. He enjoys help his dad and "Pop...
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