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    Re: Improving hive-top jar feeders?

    If that is 1/2" plywood for the cover put the screen on the inside and a 2 3/4 hole will fit a mason jar cover tightly and you can still change the feeder without the bees coming out the hole
  2. Re: Bee vac nozzle for getting between comb sheets?

    how about the crevice tool that comes with the vac?
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    Re: Make Nuc Entrance Disc

    $1.49 a piece
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    Re: Honey sticks

    Brushy Mountain has them for $160 for 2000 with free shipping till the end of Sept.
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    Re: B-Max top feeders

    try aquarium grade silicone
  6. Re: Come on New England! You're almost there!

    Just staple aluminum window screening to the bottom of the quilt box
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    Re: metal foundation wire crimper

    Done hundreds of frames using the plastic ones, trick is to hold them at an angle to the wire, instead of perpendicular to wire, hold at about 45 degrees
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    Re: New England Bee Keepers0

    8 out of 8 still alive and 12 nucs in the greenhouse still strong
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    Re: AFB or EFB?

    Get someone local to check them asap, sounds like foulbrood
  10. Re: Dimensions of 4oz Muth Honey bottle Help please :)

    They are 1 5/8ths square by 4 1/2 inches tall with cork installed, just purchased some for use in gift baskets, they look really nice.
  11. Re: HELP NEEDED: Please take a look at video of this behavior

    There may have been a loose queen in that package to cause that. I had one in one of my packages this year and they killed the queen when she was released, of course I was in panic mode and gave them...
  12. Re: Advice on if my queen is still present.

    If they seem docile and are drawing out the foundation it sounds like the hive is queen right, give it another week and take a peek in there, the should have capped brood by then which is a good sign.
  13. Re: What should I do? New package & Supercedure Cell

    I have had this happen to me on numerous occasions with packages, I just let them go and check on them a week later and the marked queen is still in the hive and the queen cell is gone. Let them run...
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    Re: Smells that bees typically hate

    Get a bottle of wintergreen scented rubbing alcohol and rub it on your hands before going in the hive smells great and covers any scent you may have
  15. Re: making a split, but can't find the queen

    If you have two brood boxes on the hive you want to split just put a queen excluder between the two and go back a few days latter and see which box has eggs in it, that will be the box the queen is...
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    Re: Hive Box Manufacture

    cutting finger joints is a waste of time. A plain rabbet joint on the end when glued and stapled is just as strong and
    less time consuming unless your making some fancy English garden hives.
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    Re: mixing sugar water

    1 gallon of water weighs 8.3 pounds - round off to 8 pounds and you will find 1 quart of water to weigh 2 pounds so for a 5 pound bag use 2 1/2 quarts of hot water
  18. Re: where to buy screening for front entrance?

    If your only moving them a short ways away use aluminum widow screening, cut a piece the width of the hive opening and about four inches wide, just fold it at about ninety degrees and stuff it in the...
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