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    Re: Building my own Honey Extractor

    "It is probably easier to work in angular velocity, so the force would be: F=M*r*(omega^2), where omega is given in radians/sec. So to follow Roland's guidance, 30*g=r*(omega^2) is the equation...
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    Re: building a top bar hive

    "do you have any other tips for this first timer building a top bar hive?"

    If I were building another top bar hive or long box, I would make it about four feet long and would have three holes 1...
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    Re: #8 Hardware cloth...where to buy it?

    "Does anyone know a good source?"

    Redi-Roll on Amazon.
  4. Re: laying worker hive with new emerged queen

    "I put frames of brood into this hive and they made queen cells and everything seemed great. how ever with the amount of rain we have had something went wrong and the new queen never mad it back ....
  5. Re: laying worker hive with new emerged queen

    How do you know you have laying workers?
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    Re: Brood in honey uppers

    "What should I do?"

    I would not do anything at this point. Inspect the hive from top to bottom before you harvest. You will be able to see where the brood chamber is and can avoid harvesting the...
  7. Re: Speaking of bee attacks...what could you do?

    "Anyone have advice on the best thing to do to get them off you while you are still able?"

    Spray your clothes with Bee-Quick (be careful not to get it directly on your eyes or sensitive skin), run...
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    Re: Successful fix of laying worker hive

    "in the same orientation"

    Nicely done.
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    Re: Couple of issues I need advice

    "will they stay until I can come up with some more woodware?"

    I would put something over the bucket to shade it and get them in a hive as quickly as practical. Good thinking getting the in the...
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    Re: When to harvest honey in Texas

    "When should I try to take off the honey super?"

    When it is fully capped and you are ready to harvest it. Leaving it on until you are ready to harvest generally does not cause a problem. I extract...
  11. Re: Question About Trap Out from Oak Tree

    "What issues will I have this late in the season? Not enough time to prep for winter?"

    There will be an interruption or reduction in brood rearing unless you are able to coax the queen out with a...
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    Re: Tools for DIY components

    "What are the economical and practical saws, tools, measuring devices, etc. that a newbie would need in order to get started?"

    Older table saw with belt drive; dado blade; chop saw or, better, an...
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    Re: Tools for DIY components

    "You can buy a carpenter's square and cut it to beekeeping dimensions."

    Simple, brilliant.
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    Re: Hive Not Opened for 10 Years!

    "So, what to do."

    What are your purposes here? What you should do depends on what you want to achieve. I would harvest honey. Extract the honey if practical and crush and strain if not. Then I...
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    Re: Too late to do a split?

    "Too late to do a split?"

    It is not too late to do a split, it's too soon. If that were my only hive, I would want to see quite a few more bees before trying to split it.
  16. Re: How long do most neew beekeepers keep at it?

    "Thank a vet, not a beekeeper!"

    Slow on the uptake I was. I thought, "Why would I thank a veterinarian and not a beekeeper."
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    Re: Question about a second medium

    "is it too late in the season to try this?"

    No. I would add a super to give the bees a place to store additional nectar for the remainder of this season.
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    Re: Plastic inner lid - bad idea?

    "Was told the same thing about the corrugated signs so I used solid plastic shower liner from Home Depot."

    Brilliant. I would still use a dado'd rim with an 1/8" recess to give beespace over the...
  19. Re: Planning my first vacuum retrieval. Advice needed.

    "Advice needed."

    I would use a Hogan trap out on this. When you do vacuum, to avoid killing the bees, use frames with foundation or drawn comb in the box. Use a second box on the vac if you need...
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    Re: Is an inner cover realy needed ??

    "Do you really need an inner cover ?? I use telescoping covers, and they set nicely on top of hive, have not had a problem yet !!"

    Inner covers provide several advantages simultaneously:
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    Re: Plastic inner lid - bad idea?


    The small channels in the corrugation can cause problems by giving small hive beetles a place to hide from the bees.
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    Re: inter covers flat on one side

    "Anyone ever seen this type before?"

    I have not. I have 5/8" rabbets for the frame rests in my hives and need about 1/8" recess on the underside of the inner cover for bee space above the frames....
  23. Re: Could there be two colonies in this wall?

    "Could there be two colonies in this wall?"

    I would expect to see only one colony inside that wall.
  24. Re: Best smoker fuel I have ever found, what do you use?

    "and let me know what you use."

    I use cedar wood shavings from my woodwork. But they don't last eleven hours. The pine straw around here is too pungent and stays on me too long. How do the pine...
  25. Re: Deformed wing virus in a treatment free hive.

    "Sounds like you have something figured out, anyway."

    AL, I don't think that I have anything figured out. I am trying to work with a decent amount of possibly promising genetics in a fairly short...
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