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    Re: sqkcrk goes south for Winter 2015-16

    Does the "Honey" on the headache rack get lit up at night? :D
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    Re: Pallet Wood / Shipping Crates

    The key is to look for "HT" stamped/marked somewhere on the wood. "HT" stands for 'heat treatment', and qualifies the wood to be used with exported products. Note that a lot of ordinary...
  3. Re: Where can I find a SMALL WOMEN'S (or youth) suit??

    Have you talked to the folks at Blue Sky?
  4. Re: Apps or Ideas for recording bloom cycles

    Just wondering how the average of "5-Oct" and 2-Oct" can be "2-Oct"? :scratch::rolleyes:
    (See "Aster peak")

  5. Re: Kelley news letter says: don't feed your bees GMO sugar!

    Typically, organic sugars are less refined than plain granulated sugar. That means that granulated sugar is more "pure sucrose" than organic sugar. Organic sugars typically have higher...
  6. Re: Anyone see the artical about the mite killing bees being developed

    Here is a link:
  7. Re: VT Gets a New Part Time State Beekeeper

    VT annual registration fee is $10 per apiary.
  8. Re: Bee Trees for low, wet area in SE Illinois

    Trees from the willow family (Salix) are Illinois natives, tolerant of wet areas and considered pollinator friendly.

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    Re: Hive Theft Detection

    Not quite.

    All the bad guys need to do is jam the cell phone frequencies before disturbing the hive area. While such jammers are illegal to use in most circumstances, they are available. See...
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    Re: spline material...

    >> What is it in this discussion?

    The "spline" being referenced is otherwise known as a "comb guide". In a TBH the comb guide is attached to the underside of the top bars. Some comb guides are...
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    Re: 2.5 lb packages vs 3 lb packages

    I'd choose a reputable local vendor who delivers what is advertised, over someone that may (or may not) be delivering an alleged 3 lb package.

    I put it this way because there are packages out...
  12. Re: Business Auto Deduction Mileage or Actual Expenses?

    I don't quite see how that works for identifying vehicle expenses.

    If you go to a "gas station" and only purchase fuel, then your credit card transaction reflects a vehicle expense. But if you...
  13. Re: Business Auto Deduction Mileage or Actual Expenses?

    Mark, you could scan those receipts into a file before they get smudged/faded with a portable scanner. For instance, one like this ....
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    Re: Solar extractor?

    An alternative honey harvesting method that does not involve an extractor is "crush and strain". The comb containing honey is mashed in a container, the result is poured through one or more...
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    Sticky: Re: Bulk honey prices and market outlook

    Creamed/crystallized honey. Here is the Hanfood Icy White Honey product page:
  16. Re: How long is Oxalic Acid solution (dribble) viable?

    Makes it work, Ace! :rolleyes:
  17. Re: How long is Oxalic Acid solution (dribble) viable?

    Vaporizers are used with dry powder oxalic acid. The "dribble" method is a mix of sugar, water, and oxalic acid (end result is a liquid) applied with a sprayer or syringe.
  18. Re: What's the most useful ..table saw or router table

    I have a router but don't use it for building woodenware. But, to me, whether a router is needed depends on your tablesaw dado capability. If you can't easily make consistent dados (up to the...
  19. Re: Transporting Packages... Best way to keep them contained?

    >> then tack a piece of wood across the top of them all ...

    I'd take my battery operated drill/driver and some screws instead. :)
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    Re: New from Illinois

    My:p opinion is that with making your own equipment, for 2 hives, your budget is adequate. I spent less than that starting with 2 hives.

    But it depends on how careful you are about letting go...
  21. Re: Trucking bees for do they do it??

    I think your estimate of how many hives will fit on a semi is low. :) Hives are not necessarily all double deeps.

    Here is a couple of threads in the Commercial forum that you may find useful...
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    Re: New from Illinois

    Welcome to Beesource!

    >> ... will be building hives with my husband next month ...

    If by "building" you mean converting lumber boards into hives, free plans for pretty much all bee related...
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    Re: double-wall construction?

    >> 40 degrees F is the best temperature for wintering bees (when there is nothing for them to forage anyway)

    I'm not aware that I have read the "Southwick experiment".

    The 40 degrees comes...
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    Re: double-wall construction?

    The issue with making the hive "warmer", is that 40 degrees F is the best temperature for wintering bees (when there is nothing for them to forage anyway). When the temperature is higher than than...
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    Re: Building hive stand out of steel

    See Cleo Hogan's posts in this thread ....
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