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    Counting Bees

    Thought I'd share a link from The project uses a small mcu and infrared sensors to count bees coming and going from the hive.

  2. Re: Can someone please explain the Foundationless hype to me?

    3... Not that I have found. On the foundation frames, there will be spots of 4 or 5 drone cells but no large sections. On the foundation-less they are spotty. Due to the type of bees, possibly? We...
  3. Re: Can someone please explain the Foundationless hype to me?

    We're new beekeepers and this topic is very interesting to me.

    1. Yes, less contaminants to start with and yes, the bees will eventually bring some into the hive. From there, it seems that the...
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    Re: Attracting bees to a new water source

    I had made a floating cork and screen tray for the pond. The bees ignored it completely and seemed to prefer the gravel tray with the fish poo, algae and other muck.
  5. Re: Keeping old comb and burrs, is it worth it?

    We're saving every bit of wax we can. Hoping to make enough candles that we can rid ourselves of lightbulbs in the house. :banana:

    Not really... but we do save all of it. I carry a ziplock bag out...
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    Re: Boardman Feeder

    I built one of the "Fat Bee Man's" No-Drown Top Feeders. As a test, I put a boardman on one hive and the no-drown on another right next to it. The boardman feeder seems to attract ants and it gives...
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    Re: Attracting bees to a new water source

    We built a small aquaponic garden for the bees. It's a 100 gallon pond with perch. The gravel tray is growing watercress and catnip.
  8. Swarm Referral for Cut Out? (Pflugerville, TX)

    Hey everyone, I got a call late last night for a swarm removal. I don't want to do cut outs and didn't know who to direct this guy to. He's a few minutes east of Pflugerville, TX. Anyone near there...
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    Re: Cross Comb... A Little Advice Please

    I'm still a new beek but my bees did the same thing for the first 2 weeks. I just scraped out any cross comb or random comb sections and put it in a bag. Seems like they just needed a bit of training...
  10. Re: Do small hive beetles come back up through ssb? Should screen be for mite drop on

    I have a hive with a Miller Bee Supply SBB on it. The 3 SHB that I found yesterday could not drop through it but I'm assuming they were small enough to climb up through it a few days ago. I managed...
  11. Re: Split and Order Queens? (new beek questions)

    Peter, thank you.

    I've only found the few drone cells so the worker cells definitely outnumber them.

    Our goal, for this year, is more bees. Getting a taste of fall honey would be nice but not...
  12. Split and Order Queens? (new beek questions)

    Background info:
    10 frame, foundationless frame hive (i use 1" strips of cut comb foundation as a comb guide)
    1 deep body
    1 medium super
    screen bottom board
    Buckfast Bees
    Installed 4-14-2012
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    Re: Greetings from Austin, TX!

    Hello KatGold, hope your bees are doing well. I have a feeling we might have met before. Have you been to visit my gardens in Round Rock?

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    Re: Help Identifying a Bee?

    I didn't think it was a "cuckoo bee". They don't collect pollen and this one definitely had full pollen sacs when it leaves. When it returns, it's empty. In that bugguide link, I think someone was...
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    Re: Help Identifying a Bee?

    @WVMJ, the hummingbird moths are beautiful and love to fly around in the mimosa trees we have. The bad part is its caterpillar stage, AKA The Hornworm. One single hornworm can devour a tomato plant...
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    Re: Help Identifying a Bee?

    @ickyfritz, yes it does bounce around quite a bit. I almost thought it was showing off for the camera.

    @jonlorusso, Maybe bu it doesn't seem to match the other hummingbird bee/moths that we have...
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    Help Identifying a Bee?

    I've noticed a new bee around the yard. This one's not like the bumble bees we have flying around and most certainly not one of our honey bees. It's very interested in our yellow squash as well as a...
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    Hive placement near railroad tracks?

    I'm still a new beek but learning tons every day and this might be a simple question...

    A friend has noticed the improvements in our gardens due to the bees and would like me to set up hives at...
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    Buzzed in Round Rock, TX

    Hello, we're new beekeepers in Round Rock, TX. Our first package was installed 4-14-2012. My 9-year-old daughter helped install them and I'm very proud of her confidence in helping with the bees -she...
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