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    Re: Best time to move hives

    I'd say that the chances of overwintered nucs swarming is about the same--I treat them the same as when I overwintered production colonies, and I still lost a few swarms this year. Such is life as a...
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    Re: Move to foundationless?

    As someone who is also mostly foundationless and moving away from it, that's why I like the idea of cutting sheets of plastic in half and centering them in the frame. You get the straight start of...
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    Re: Brush, fume board, or bee escape?

    I've always used an electric blower and smoke. It takes forever and next year I'm going to fume boards and Bee-Quick.
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    Re: Adding second 10 frame brood box

    I don't see why that wouldn't work just as well. I think it's more about having an empty frame between the outside honey frames and the edges of the brood nest.
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    Re: Adding second 10 frame brood box

    I do. Make sure you take them from the outside edges of the brood nest in order to keep the brood nest together, and it's said that opening the sides of the nest will cause them to build comb (it...
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    Re: Fat comb in honey super.

    Foundationless has been hit and miss for me. Last year I decided I don't have time to check the frames in my hives often enough to straighten wonky comb, so I've decided to go with half-sheets of...
  7. Re: When to use or skip the smoker? Newbie question

    Good catch. I read recently somewhere around here that adding another entrance above the excluder forces bees up into the super to guard the second entrance. If that's true (I haven't tested it...
  8. Re: How Long Can A Swarm Stay in a Cardboard Box?

    A swarm I caught at work this year had bits of comb on the section of branch they were on by the time I got home. Don't wait!
  9. Re: When to use or skip the smoker? Newbie question

    No problems smoking back to back, but if you're just adding a queen excluder and a super on top (i.e., not digging too deeply into the hive), I wouldn't bother with the smoker.
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    Re: What happens to extra queens?

    Assuming there's two hatched queens at once, there's a fight to the death! The ones that remain unhatched after the first one emerges are torn out of their cells and left to die. I'm not sure if it's...
  11. Re: I guess I'll have to harvest some honey this weekend.

    I came through with 9 nucs also. I didn't split before the flow (I had planned on doing cutdown splits but I found myself short on equipment at the time, so I didn't), and I've collected one swarm,...
  12. Re: The future of varroa control? Changing Varroa DNA?

    Without knowing anything about the technique they're using or how it works, I wonder how they have gotten around Darwin. If a trait isn't beneficial to a species, it's selected out of the population,...
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    Re: moisture on telescoping cover

    That's your telescoping cover doing its job! When the condensation drips off, it'll land on your inner cover instead of the cluster. I don't think it would hurt to place a small rock or twig on the...
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    Re: Bee Brush Question

    I used one on about two frames when pulling supers off to harvest and it cleared the comb really well, but the furious bees it produced was not worth the trouble. I went back to using a blower to...
  15. Re: Denmark - how to get bees in a Langstroth if local beehives are different type

    I'd also assume cutting comb out of the 12x10 frames and securing them into the Langstroth frames would be an option, and to me it sounds faster and easier than modifying the frames to fit your...
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    Re: Freezing frames prior to extraction?

    I've done it for about 6-8 months before (extracted in April the year after harvesting). Leave them out overnight to thaw and let the condensation evaporate off and it's no problem. That said, if it...
  17. Thread: Brood?

    by bsharp

    Re: Brood?

    That's drone brood. As long as you see normal worker brood elsewhere in the hive, it's good :thumbsup:
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    Re: How do you cut your box joints?

    That's how I do it, it goes surprisingly fast once you get into a rhythm.
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    Re: Staple Gun for Frames

    I have the Harbor Freight cheapo--I buy my staples from Lowe's because I've heard the HF staples aren't worth the trouble. I put a few drops of air tool oil in it before use, and I've never had a jam...
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    Re: Anyone else getting spammed to death by Mann Lake?

    Mann Lake has most of their products on Amazon with Prime shipping ;)
  21. Re: When to get into the hive for the first time in spring

    1,000X this. There's no harm in popping the cover and taking a peek inside. That said, I don't pull frames if it's below the mid-60s.
  22. Thread: Hive tool

    by bsharp

    Re: Hive tool

    I use a standard--it's what I started with and I'm used to it, and I avoid change so it's what I'll stick with unless I find a good reason to give another kind of tool a shot.

    Apparently I'm the...
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    Re: do ten frame boxes increase starvation?

    This is part of the theory behind overwintering nucs--as you have seen, the cluster can move vertically up frames much easier than horizontally, where the entire cluster must go around the edge of...
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    Re: Do Winter Drones Mean My Queen Died?

    My guess is that warrior meant a drone that hatched out from a worker-sized cell, but I've never had the misfortune of having a hive with laying workers, so I may be wrong.
  25. Re: Checker Boarding and Adding new undrawn suppers

    You should look in to opening the sides of the broodnest. I haven't actually done it yet, but this year I'll be relying on it heavily in all of my hives to produce drawn comb. It seems to work for...
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