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  1. Re: Brood Brake + brood trapping for varroa control

    I have done the first method and found that if I don't inspect the parent hive completely it will swarm because of multiple queen cell that I didn't account for as well as don't produce honey. But it...
  2. Re: Beecosystems? I know it has been mentioned here right?

    It's an observation hive and marketed as such, the prices for those are not cheap anyway. It's for the wow factor, something cool. Pretty well thought out. ...and if you pack that hive tight with...
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    Re: New Hive Location

    Fruit trees close by would be great, because when they swarm you have greater chance of catching them - low hanging fruit!
    Having chickens and a dog, I could say that bees are my favorite. I wold...
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    Re: To Bee or Not

    - Best pet(s) ever, calming effect (you can't stay angry and keep bees). Working the hives is like petting a pet. +1
    - Fun and enjoyable, thrilling (the fist time you install a package),...
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    Re: New Hive Location


    Most bees don't bother anyone (strain dependent).

    I would place them right in front of the old forest, towards your property. But not in shade. Also make sure the front of the hive is ~15ft...
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    Re: Nuc prices for 2016

    I totally agree with you, It's a sad story. I did "help" one of my friends get a nuc two years ago end of June for $135 that had some eggs capped half-pulled frame of foundation, one frame of bees, a...
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    Re: Moist air useful inside the hive?

    Interesting observation. Perhaps I should experiment with adding humidity in summer (it's naturally very high) on one of my hives.
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    Re: Nuc prices for 2016

    Sounds like everybody nowdays is using the "survivor stock" term. Has anybody heard of a breeder selling stock that did not survive? :D
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    Re: Rendering wax

    For straining it I use a strainer like this 22078. After a second re-melt you should not have any particles in the wax, whatever is stuck to the wax just scrape it off.
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    Re: Hive entrance

    I also noticed that they would propolize the ventilation holes (on a metal disk entrance) shut. Perhaps we know too little of what the bees want.
  11. Re: Are cedar shavings harmful to bees in a quilt box?

    I have all cedar hives with and no issues. I have used cedar shavings for 3 years and had no bees complaining either. I have started using pine shavings due to not being able to readily get cedar...
  12. Re: Autumn checkerboarding experiment...

    If I may... aphid poo (honey dew or honeydew) is commonly known to russian beekeepers as bad for the bees to over-winter on. The honey from it is sought after and well priced as a specialty honey,...
  13. Re: Healthy hive, very little traffic...

    They just have a different temperament. Whenever I suspect queen issues I first watch the landing board to see if they are bringing pollen, at least some. Bees bringing pollen means there are babies...
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    Re: Insulating the bees for winter

    I have seen people use anything from used chair cushions to custom sized pillows filled with newspaper or pine shavings. So anything should work. I personally have a quilt on each hive year round. I...
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    Re: Youngster trying to make a go

    For commercial operations $5.65+sugar sounds expensive. Look into Mike Palmer's feeding style.
  16. Re: Thumping or drumming for bees... Does it work and how?

    I've posted this method previously, and have tried it a few times this year. Have not lost a single swarm this way. It's not a fast method, but it does work gently on the bees, especially when you...
  17. Re: Thumping or drumming for bees... Does it work and how?

    Langstroth describes this method in his book "Hive and the Honey Bee"
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    Re: Insulating the bees for winter

    I do not know of any Russian beekeepers that do things this way at all. I personally like this guy's way of wintering. The video is kind of long but the gist of it is: He takes out frame 1 and frame...
  19. Re: Top Bar Hive with Vertical Side Walls

    The bees won't complain or grumble about not having standard frames. You might. :) Having said that you can check into Warre style hives, they are "top bar" only style. But I have a friend who had...
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    Re: Kelley Hot Box/Moisture Board

    Functions almost like a vivaldi board with double the price.
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    Re: Info on 12 frame Dadant Hives

    Your mentor is right, take your time with it. Dadant boxes are pretty big, that it will take some time to transition. The queen would have to run out of room there to move anywhere else. The key...
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    Re: hive box - experimental joint

    This is how I had mine for some time, but I found that just budding it against one another and using screws to hold it also works and perhaps has stronger corners. I would break corners with my hive...
  23. Re: Impact of location on treatment-free beekeeping...

    1. hardiness zone;
    - 7B
    2. how long you have been treatment free;
    - 3 years, had up to 9 hives
    3. what success (or lack thereof) you have seen;
    - 50% survival (lost several to mice two years...
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    Re: Beeweaver queens in the north

    Well, I am not up north, but I have bought two queens this year from them and they are the most gentile of all hives I have. Great pattern.
  25. Re: Can you tell race by color of bee?

    Mine look just like that. Carniolan/Russian mix. Although I have seen the offspring queen being more black, lacking that light brown distinctive body.
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