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  1. Re: confused, like normal, seeing nectar in the comb

    Cub Creek Bees, i believe i heard that the tiny blue flower is called (Speedwell?), the Henbit and dead nettle grows wild in my area, it's coming up now but not in bloom yet. When it does bloom the...
  2. Re: confused, like normal, seeing nectar in the comb

    I think you answered your own question, but there are many things they work we are not aware of.Maples and Willow trees in my area are usually the first, i have also seen them work dead aster for...
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    Re: Swarm lures

    Like Dan said, the only lure i use is 4 or 5 drops of lemongrass oil pn a cotton ball push in the entrance of the trap. I use a 10 frame deep (8 to 10 ft. off the ground) with 2 old black drawn...
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    Re: How many medium's to start with

    Like BeeCurious said,unless you have drawn comb frames?When getting a package of bees they will not be all young bees and many will die. It will take a week or more before they have enough comb drawn...
  5. Re: Merry Christmas from Central Missouri

    Where is Auxvasse, Mo.? The Beekeepers Association of the Ozarks (club) in Springfield, Mo. has a bee school starting in January, we have over 200 members. Warning, Beekeeping is a disease:eek:, once...
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    Re: What plant is this

    I have alot of it and it is in full bloom now, the bees are working it a little now, but if we get a light frost they will be all over it and your hives will have a sweet smell. I think Michael...
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    Re: Combining vs killing failing hives?

    If i detected a disease i would not combine.If it's a failing queen i would kill her and combine the rest, as for mites and shb being in the hive, by combining you are making that hive stronger and...
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    Re: Buckwheat or goldenrod?

    I've never noticed a strong smell in buckwheat honey? To me Aster honey has a sweet cotton candy smell, but that's just me.:scratch:
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    Re: All the talk about goldenrod....

    You must have the special buckwheat? i have planted buckwheat for many years and it's like clock work here, after 11:00am you might see 10 or so bees still working it where earlier there was...
  10. Re: Why are my bees dragging out pupa out of the hive?

    That would be my guess.
  11. Re: If you could only plant one type flower???

    Russian Sage, but it's a bush.
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    Re: All the talk about goldenrod....

    Seeing my bees working goldenrod? Rarely see bees working it in my area??
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    Re: Solid Bottom Board

    In the spring and sometimes in the fall, depending on the strength of the hive.
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    Re: The joys of buckwheat

    I plant an acre of buckwheat every year, once it comes up it will bloom in 26 days. I can get 3 blooms a year from one planting by running over it with a disc after it goes to seed. The bees will...
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    Re: Feeding nucs during dearth?

    I would reduce the entrance to a 1 or 2 bee size and feed like you stated and feed 2 to 1 if you want them to store it, and 1 to 1 to build them up?(using sugar and water only, no HBH ec.).Could you...
  16. Re: What's this Northern Virginia weed bees love?

    Deer in Mo. are getting over populated like in Virginia, as for sweet clover there are two types white and yellow and for some reason the bees like the white better. It is invasive but it is also bi...
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    Re: Building Your Own Hives....

    I buy #4 white pine, deck screws,Titebound 111, Butt joint my boxes, and use 3/4 x 2in. strips across the front and back for handles, and of course skills for primer and a good brand paint. For knots...
  18. Re: Can a laying worker colony build queen cells?

    I have read that they will sometimes build a queen cell with an un-fertile egg, but i've never seen it.
  19. Re: Obama

    Good to see someone looking out for our environment, like natural food and clean water for us and generations to come. Hmmmm, has any of our past presidents ever shown an interest in honey bees or...
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    Re: "Butt Joint" Hive Supers

    Been doing butt joints for years, titebond 111, deck screws and a good paint. Last for years.
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    Re: How fragile are capped Queen cells?

    I've never bought any, but what about those that sell queen cells and send them through the mail???
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    Re: Bees and rain?

    Most are home before it rains,:eek: Took some nucs to some outyards 50+ miles from home that i made up from two hives that had swarm cells and set them out between rains.Decided to check some hives...
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    Re: Do frogs eat honeybees?

    Don't know about frogs, but i see lizards living in my outyards and have seen them eat one. His last meal.:D
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    Re: Bees on the ground around the hive

    Sounds like it could be Tracheal mites, you can't see them with the naked eye.
  25. Re: Looks like there will be a flood of blackberrys this summer in North Georgia.

    The hard freeze last winter killed the canes of my thornless blackberries (an acre of them) and many other berry patches in our area(SW. Mo.) for this year. New canes are putting on though.
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